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Ayanay Psychological Accreditation Launched a Framework for Positive Mental Health

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Ayanay Psychological Accreditation (APA) has produced a new, balanced, focused, and collaborative environment for the development, empowerment and long-term enhancement of effective mental health awareness for communities around the world.

APA is working with Peacful Mind Foundation to make this framework easily accessible to global partners and support a consistent baseline of psychological awareness across the national and international conversation on mental health. The framework designed by APA, like the Shard (one of the tallest buildings in Europe), stands on a floating platform that is untouched by the failures and weaknesses of the past. 

This framework will mark the arrival of a new era in the world of mental health. With the focus on the future and the potential of the people, an age determined by the strength and resilience of nations, an era of doing things differently. An era of positive, and effective collaboration. An age that reawakens the hope of nations.

Siobhain Crosbie, the CEO of APA, shares: ‘Vonnie said  The framework APA has launched embodies the power of self-awareness and connection, it empowers us to unlock the potential inside us all – sending a ripple of positive mental health across the world. 

Meanwhile, Dave Sleet, the managing director of APA, comments: ‘APA’s framework is rooted in the knowledge the psychological arena has always known. Mental health grows from and an inner locus of evaluation. For decades systems have tried to fit mental health responses on to systems from an external starting point. This approach was doomed from the start.

‘By bringing empathy, congruence, and unconditional positive regard to the core of mental health responses, this framework will launch positive mental health from inside the systems and unleash the potential of us all.’

APA’s collective aim is to create a directory of phenomenal professionals, combined with providing a membership beneficial in multiple ways to each individual member, and a directory that any client can be confident in their choice of therapist or coach.

Siobhain and Dave are one of the speakers on the upcoming ICPCE 2021 virtual conference

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