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It Is Only Through Awareness That We Evolve as Humans

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Which victims role are you playing out in your life? The reason I ask this question is because the majority of human beings are being driven to be slaves to their minds. Whether this enslavement gives the appearance of good or bad, it is still enslavement. You can be  busy filling your time with what appears to be fun activities, maybe luxury holidays or even the fixation you may have on keeping fit. Your mind is still in control just like it is when we suffer, and I wonder my dear people: Is this because we think to be in control is the be all and end all of life?

The English language when used for the purposes of expression often gets misinterpreted as it is determined by the readers from existing preconditioned limited beliefs; when it is those very same beliefs that prevent life from unfolding. Even the belief that ‘I can do it’, which sounds very positive can be to our detriment.

Have you ever heard ‘I am damned if I do and damned if i don’t? So what’s the answer to this? How do we find that peace we all long for, that same peace which if we have realised it or not, is what we are all in search of. From the rich to the poor, or the healthy to the sick we all strive for peace.

Would being more aware of this bring the illusions we have created of division to an end? Could we finally bury prejudice and judgement, which is so very much needed.

Afterall, it is only in awareness do we ever evolve, not from control. Awareness is not of the mind, it is a heartfelt knowing which usually originates from an experience and not from some education system or advice from another. So that most can easily comprehend ‘awareness’, when two people fall in love it is that love that increases awareness. Secrets of life are revealed through the knowing of another and not through knowledge.

Did you know that intuition is a function of knowing and not of knowledge? It seems to be a new age of ignorance that now hides in the shadows of itself, afraid to face its own awareness and as a cover they profess that self-awareness is the answer to health and healing. How can anything the mind determines as true be so, when afterall the mind is just conditioned responses? It is the heart that holds the truth when we dare to face it.

It is a common fact that men in particular lack awareness of being. Having been conditioned for centuries to believe that they hold overall power over women and an old classic that  they must not show emotion.

In awareness we bring all into the light of being, nothing escapes the truth and if we dare to face it life unfolds without effort and often from a place of great beauty. Without awareness life becomes a hell, as we are trapped in old ideas and there seems to be no hope of escape.

Awareness identifies you with your total beingness and not just memory concepts or social programming. It proves that a connection exists beyond thought and the material world.

Alexandrina Henderson is a mental health advocate.

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