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Awareness Campaigns Diary 2023

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Mental and physical health are subjects of personal interest and wider societal interest, which will be covered extensively in the media throughout the year.

To help plan your coverage and write on these issues this year, we have provided a handy guide to all the health and well-being awareness campaigns in this link: Well-being Awareness Campaigns Diary 2023.

Our fully qualified and experienced team of mental health professionals, women’s and men’s health specialists, doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists, mindfulness teachers, and other health professionals are available to provide expert comments and content on any of the topics you plan to write about. 

Round up of awareness campaigns for January, February, and March

As well as the yearly overview, here is an in-depth look at what’s coming up in the first three months of what will be a busy 2023 for well-being.


  • Veganuary 1st – 31st January: There is increasing awareness of how diet affects physical and mental health. Veganism has become part of mainstream food culture, with people more informed on the health benefits of consuming fewer animal products. “Veganuary” is a perfect opportunity to try out veganism and can be particularly beneficial after the excess of the holiday season. (Our specialist Vegan nutritionist provides expert comments)
  • Dry January 1st – 31st January: The new year offers a reset, one where we can recover from festive indulgence. Dry January is an opportunity to engage in detox as part of a wider commitment to developing healthy habits around food and drink that can support mental and physical health throughout the year. (Our health professionals provide expert comments on alcohol, health and wellbeing, relationships and society)
  • Blue Monday 16th January: The third Monday of January has the gloomy sobriquet “Blue Monday” and is said to be the ‘most depressing day of the year’. While the exact dating may be up for debate, January does see some of the coldest weather and fewest hours of daylight all year, contributing to the 2 million plus cases of Seasonal Affected Disorder (S.A.D.) experienced in the UK every year.  (Our specialist S.A.D. mental health professional provides expert comment)
  • Parental Mental Health Day 27th January: Parenting is routinely spoken of as the most “wonderful” and “fulfilling” thing we will ever do.  The narrative rarely acknowledges how stressful it is and its impact on parents’ mental health.  Parental Mental Health Day seeks to offer essential support and advice to help people manage the complexities of parenting. (Our specialist children and family therapist provides expert comments)


  • Time to Talk Day 2nd February: This awareness day unequivocally puts mental health centre stage.  And it does so cleverly through its dual-meaning message that it is time to talk more openly about these issues and that talking is how we resolve mental health struggles. (Our team of fully qualified mental health professionals provide expert comment)
  • Children’s Mental Health Week 6th–12th February: Entering its ninth year, Children’s Mental Health Week seeks to highlight the importance of children’s and young people’s mental health. Prevention is better than cure, and if we can support good mental health in children now, it will help them develop the emotional resilience that will aid them as they grow and into adulthood. (Our specialist children and young person’s therapist provides expert comments)


  • International Parental Mental Health Awareness Week 6th–12th March: Conceived to promote and normalise conversations around the importance of mental health among parents and carers, this awareness week offers people a safe environment to discuss their issues and get invaluable help and guidance. Parenting can be the most stressful thing we do, and this week helps parents learn how to cope with these pressures. (Our specialist children and family therapist provides expert comments)
  • International Woman’s Day 8th March: Among the broad range of important issues and topics that this day covers, it is an opportunity to bring attention to and support women’s mental and physical health. Prioritising health is the bedrock of having the resources and resilience needed to face all challenges in life. (Our Women’s Health doctor and a team of female psychotherapists are available for expert comment)
  • Nutrition and Hydration Week 13th–19th March: Highlighting that good dietary habits are not just the preserve of the first few weeks of the new year, this awareness week places nutrition and hydration at the centre of looking after our mental and physical health. It can help boost the resolve of those who have lost momentum and help sustain healthier habits around food and hydration. (Our team of fully qualified and experienced nutritionists provide expert comments)
  • World Sleep Day 17th March: In the past 15 years, Insomnia rates in the UK have increased tenfold. Sleep is as important to humans as food, water and shelter, but healthy sleep is elusive for a growing number of people. Helping us understand how we cultivate healthy sleep, this awareness day focuses on sleep issues and how we resolve them for a healthier version of ourselves.  (Our fully qualified sleep therapists and CBT for Insomnia practitioners provide expert comments)

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