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Award-Winning Relationship Coach to the Stars Releases New Groundbreaking Book on “Heartbreak”

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Shelley J. Whitehead, an award-winning relationship coach known for her profound insights into love, loss, and personal growth, announces the release of her much-anticipated book, Healing Your Heartbreak: 28 Days to Transformation. The book is set to be published by Balboa Press on 6th February 2024, in hardback, paperback, and audio versions and will be available on Amazon.

Drawing from a rich blend of personal and professional experiences, London-based Whitehead, originally from South Africa, brings resilience, wisdom, and deep, soulful insight to her coaching. Her book is an embodiment of these qualities. Having navigated the painful landscape of personal loss – from the death of a partner to cancer to the end of a marriage – she offers a uniquely empathic perspective on heartbreak and healing.

Healing Your Heartbreak is a guide that takes readers on a 28-day journey from the depths of heartbreak to the vibrant sunshine of renewed self-awareness and love. It is structured with 28 proven and meticulously crafted steps, combining profound insights with practical exercises. The style is warm, inspiring, and nurturing, akin to a conversation with a wise and understanding best friend.

The book is designed for those who are healing from heartbreak, seeking to enhance their relationship skills or looking to open their hearts to love again. Each step of the journey can be taken at the individual’s own pace, emphasising continual progress and self-discovery with a focus on creating space and time for healing. Throughout Shelley’s work, her gentle encouragement to “take your time” is a consistent theme and powerful antidote to the modern-day obsession with rushing through things.

In conjunction with the book’s release, Whitehead will also launch a comprehensive 28-day online course offering an immersive experience for those on their path to healing, available through her website.

Both the book and the course offer a transformative experience – a soulful guide to not just recovering from heartbreak but undergoing a beautifully metamorphic journey.

As a coach with diverse qualifications and accreditations, including certified life coach, certified transpersonal coach, and encounter-centred couples coach, among others, Shelley brings an authoritative yet gentle voice to the topic of heartbreak and healing. She specialises in helping individuals and couples navigate the complexities of relationships, drawing from a deep well of personal experience and professional expertise.

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