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Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow Another Smash Hit!

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On Saturday 12th October at the Winston Churchill Theatre in Ruislip the autism charity Anna Kennedy Online once again, presented the ‘Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow’.

This was a fabulous event not only for the audience but also those performers coming together to join us on the stage. They brought together a diverse group of people from across the UK and local talent to Ruislip who are all on the autistic spectrum to show everyone just how talented they really are.

Celebrities supporting the event were Katie Price, Charlie Brooks, Vickie Michelle, Ionica Adriana and the Mayor and Mayoress of Hillingdon. 

Katie was proud to support her son Harvey on stage and  Harvey, who as well as being on the autistic spectrum also has eye condition septo-optic dysplasia and the genetic disorder Prader-Willi syndrome, certainly showed what he is made of singing and playing on the keyboard receiving a standing ovation by the audience.

There were many standing ovations on the night for our performers the Mayor of Hillingdon was blown away and was clearly moved by the performers and then shared with the audience and Anna Kennedy on stage: ‘I have watched you over the last 20 years Anna setting up the school for your sons and tonight this show has shown what these young performers can really do. Anna your passion to raise awareness and acceptance throughout the years is clear to see for all. ‘

Anna Kennedy believes: ‘Too often some people in our society make the mistake of thinking that our children and adults on the spectrum are not capable of much. We’ll hold the press; we are showing everyone just what all our performers really are capable of and just how amazing they are at it.’

Talent comes in many forms and performers on the night ranging from singers, rappers and dancers, musicians and a poet. We had some great children and adults who performed not only as soloists but they came together to perform in groups – the street dancers from Hillingdon Manor School ‘Autism with Attitude‘ this is something we are all too often told is not possible for those on the autistic spectrum.

It was a night that opened the eyes of those who previously didn’t realise just what someone diagnosed with autism can be capable of.

The organisers wanted people to see the show or hear/read about it from others so they stop and understand just how capable that person they always ignore or walk past really could be. Sometimes small reasonable adjustments can make a huge difference within society so that they can navigate this world just like everyone else.

No event is right without a red carpet so we had one there for all to stop and take their own pictures with our VIP celebrities. Everyone was welcome and we did our very best to ensure that the evening was open to all. This is not just a performance for those on the spectrum to appear in but also for those that can to come and join us in the audience to enjoy themselves and also be inspired to start building on their own talent. A few parents have already messaged Anna to share their sons and daughter are inspired to send their entries in for next years roadshows and main event in London.

This was a proud night for Anna and her team of volunteers as well as the performers and their family and friends with many a laugh and lots of fun enjoyed by all.

If you are interested and want to learn more information please check the charity website.

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