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Autism’s Got Talent Now on It’s 8th Year

Dennis Relojo-Howell

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Rehearsals took place yesterday for Pineapple Arts Scholars at the famous Pineapple Dance Studios in Covent Garden for the finale of Autism’s Got Talent at The Mermaid Theatre London.

Sixteen fabulous acts from across the country and one performer from India will make up the programme on Saturday 4th May and the lucky performers have been named by organising UK Autism charity Anna Kennedy Online.

Joining Autism with Attitude and Pineapple Performing Arts (plus Scholars) at The Mermaid Theatre in London are: Andre Adams; Shay Ellise; Holli Pandit; Cal Ruddy; Tess Eagle Swan and Kratu; Patrick Steele-Bodger; Calum Courtney; Daniel Docherty; Chris Hansen; Tom Loveless and Emily Leeves; Benzy; Ollie Venning; OJ Bridges; Madison Campbell; Sez Thomasin; and, Molly May Alexander.

Autism Got Talent is now on its 8th year.

Autism’s Got Talent’s founder, Anna Kennedy OBE shares: ‘It is all too often said that people with disabilities are not capable of very much, and they are unable to rise to the challenges that they are faced with. That’s not true.

‘Autism’s Got Talent now on its 8th year is a platform given to talented individuals with autism enabling them to show off their skills and talents. We not only have soloists, but people also perform in groups, which is something many people are quick to judge as impossible for those on the spectrum. This show has been a platform for many of our performers to go on to be part of other shows, go on to achieve scholarships create charity singles, albums and do much more.

‘Not only are these talented, amazing individuals proving their critics wrong, they are also having fun and achieving so much.’

Joining Anna Kennedy OBE to help present performers will be Main Compere Phil Barnet , Maggie Paterson , Dr Pam Spurr, Richard Mylan Steven Smith and more celebrities in the pipeline.

Tickets are available for the show on May 4th at Mermaid Theatre in London. 

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