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Autism’s Got Talent Performers Showcased Their Talents at Apple Store in Covent Garden

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Last Friday 5th April, performers with autism from the around auditioned at Autism’s Got Talent to showcase their talent at the flagship Apple Store in Covent Garden. 

Dr Anna Kennedy, OBE founder of the show shared: ‘This is yet another milestone for our performers to show the world what they can do and do it really well.  All the performers were so excited and totally smashed it .’ 

Students from Hillingdon Manor School, which Anna is founder, have formed the well-known street dance crew ‘Autism with Attitude‘ performing recently on ‘The Greatest Dancer ‘.

One of the students spoke on the mic after their performance sharing: ‘Go for your dreams and don’t let anyone tell you because you have a disability you cannot go for it.’

All the performers received standing ovations. Performers ages varied – from street dancer Callum Kirrage (diagnosed with autism and ADHD) aged 12, to singers Marie Gorton and Emma Ahwai, who are in their 20s. 

Callum’s life has been turned around since first performing on Autism’s Got Talent three years ago. Callum and two other of the performers – singer Macauley Elvin and street dancer Ethan Kumalo – have earned scholarships through the autism charity Anna Kennedy Online to attend Pineapple Performing Arts.  

All six performers shared how much they enjoyed the experience, thanking Anna and Autism’s Got Talent for creating amazing opportunities for them. 

One of Anna Kennedy’s young charity ambassadors, 16-year old Siena Castellon spoke to the audience about the launch of her Neurodiversity Celebration Campaign at the end of May. Siena was voted as one of BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards 2018 and a Diana Award recipient for her antibullying campaign. 

Apple staff and members of the public have enjoyed the event. One member of the public shared: ‘Anna keep doing what you’re doing. This is a fantastic show and everyone should see it. Why is this show not on TV ? ‘

Performers shared how much they enjoyed the experience.

One of the Apple staff said: ‘Anna, I knew I was going to enjoy the experience, however it surpassed all my expectations’.

Anna opened the show by thanking Apple for giving her performers the opportunity and creating another springboard to boost their confidence and show the public how talented they are.

Autism’s Got Talent is now on its eighth year at the Mermaid Theatre in Blackfriars and is going global with performers from across the world wanting to take part. 

Past performers have come from the UK, Ireland, US, Sweden, Canada and Croatia. This year a performer will be travelling all the way from India to sing on 4th of May. This is once again giving our performers the chance to celebrate success and have fun – all while raising public awareness and acceptance and to help create a society that works for autistic people.

Tickets are available for the show at Anna Kennedy Online

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