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Autism and Sleep: Dr Dagmara Dimitriou and Leo Andrade Were Guests on ‘All Things Autism’

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Dr Anna Kennedy OBE’s guest this week on All Things Autism at Women’s Radio Station was Dr Dagmara Dimitriou along with campaigner Leo Andrade.

Dr Dagmara Dimitriou is the director of the Lifespan Learning and Sleep Laboratory at University College London. She has published over 50 articles on sleep and related issues across different developmental disorders. Her current work focuses on sleep related experiences by autistic individuals across lifespan.
Dr Dagmara spoke about the current and past research with autistic adults and children. 

Meanwhile, Leo Andrade shares: ‘It was so lovely to go for the second time in two years at ‘All Things Autism’ with the fabulous autism warrior Anna Kennedy.

‘My son Stephen, who was diagnosed on the autism spectrum, is now in his 20s. He was detained in two Assessment and Treatment Units for six years. I pleased to share that Stephen is finally now living in his own home with support and is making progress. Stephen is making small steps however I can see my Stephen coming back to me.’

‘This time on the show Anna, Dr Dagmara and myself discussed sleep difficulties throughout the years experienced by our sons. When you talk about sleep we parents of autistic children know only to well what is like to experience sleep deprivation. Our children do not sleep, therefore we don’t sleep. It’s exhausting, and when we as parents don’t sleep it impacts on our day. Some of us do suffer depression and other parents experience mental health health problems.

‘Our children and young adults can also suffer with sleep deprivation and erratic sleep patterns. No two individuals are the same. It was very interesting hearing Dr Dagmara’s research on sleep.

‘I would like to thank Anna as always and I would like to share the human rights case against the DSHC (Department of Health and Social Care) that we briefly spoke about and in the media this week.’

If you missed this weeks All Things Autism, it is being aired again this weekend at 1pm/am at Women’s Radio Station. 

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