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Autism Act Speaks at ‘All Things Autism’ on Women’s Radio Station

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Autism Act is a small business aimed at supporting those who support autistic children and young people. This is done through advice, consultancy, and training.

Set up in January 2020, the result of being made redundant from my post as a local authority specialist teacher for autism and social communication differences, Autism Act has been my opportunity to continue to support schools and parents with understanding and provision. I wanted to continue to use the knowledge I had built up not just as a specialist teacher, but across my mainstream primary teaching career which began in 1994. 

Autism Act follows the latest legislation and advice; so advice, consultancy and training are in line with government guidelines, up-to-date thinking and the National Autistic Society ethos.

Autism Act Facebook page now has 608 followers and shares a range of autism information and advice. It is an active page, designed to support in a positive way.

Consultancy and training are mainly school-based work, although this is changing as a result of COVID-19 and autism act has had to diversify to an online approach. However, the essence and ethos are still the same – aiming to support those supporting autistic children and young people. There are workshops available, in addition to bespoke consultancy.

The Autism Education Trust has influenced and inspired autism act. I was a registered trainer from 2015 and based my Master of Education dissertation on their four key areas of difference concept. I felt this was a powerful concept which could offer further training opportunities in helping delegates unlock their own understanding of autism as well as deepen their understanding of an individual child or young person.

Autism Act delivers a similar message through its own consultancy and training packages; helping to understand the differences autistic people face with social understanding, communication, information processing and sensory processing. This builds a solid foundation on which to build other knowledge of autism.

On the show with Anna, I mentioned a couple of books that I have useful. They are listed below along with some other useful publications and websites:

If you feel Autism Act can be of service in anyway, or you would like to find out more about consultancy and training I can be contacted via the following: Autism ACT Facebook page and on my website.

Everyone can listen to the programme every day this week at 1pm and 1 am Women’s Radio Station.


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Sarah Bell is the founder of Autism Act. 

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