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Athletes and Ice Baths: How Cold Therapy Enhances Performance

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If you are into athletics or sports, you will do good for your health and well-being by resorting to cold therapy and ice baths. It is important to know that an ice bath improves your field performance.

Sportspeople,  fitness enthusiasts, runners, and jumpers also take ice baths regularly to stay fit and energise themselves. 

How cold therapy enhances the performance of athletes

Cryotherapy or cold water immersion after a strenuous physical workout and bodily demanding activity refreshes you. It helps you maintain your body temperature and also adds a sense of euphoria to your persona.

Though the cold plunge has a large number of benefits, we are listing below the five most important advantages:

Cold plunge is good for your central nervous system

If you are an active person engaged in running, gliding, skiing, athletics, and sports like cricket, tennis, or football, you should bathe in ice-cold water. This will do good for your central nervous system. After the day’s hard physical workout, a plunge in cold water for a limited period can regulate the blood flow in a better way. If you are physically active, your central nervous system needs more relaxation than those who lead sedentary lives. This is the reason athletes and sportspeople need ice baths to ease the central nervous system and provide relief from it. 

Ice bath relieves body aches

You feel quite refreshed after a plunge into a cold water or ice-water tub for a short period of time. Since your muscular system gets relaxed, you feel your body ache after a workout is gone, and you feel much relieved. It also eases soreness. It also controls the body temperature. Since the muscle cramp happens all of a sudden as you bend your body while running on a cricket field, staging a pole vault, or lifting weights, you have it much before you realise it. But a plunge in an ice tub can relax the muscles and offer much-needed relief.

Escaping heat and humidity

Taking a plunge in cold or icy water can greatly help you avoid heat and humidity. When your body exerts itself on the field, like playing tennis or cricket, you perspire. This can cause discomfort for you. But you get immediate relief by spending a little time in cold water or an icy cold water tub. 

You can escape the heat and humidity by regularly bathing in cold water, which may also help prevent allergies caused by long exposure to the sun and open air. To maximise the benefits of ice baths, keep the best portable ice bath in Australia at your home and gym.

Boosting your immune system

Different forms of hydrotherapy, including cold water plunges, boost your body’s immune system. It not only stimulates the immune system and helps fight infections due to your exposure to the field for a long time, but it also lowers your blood pressure. After your exposure to open air, you can get infections, or germs can attack you. However, a cold plunge can remove those infections from your external body.

A cold water plunge is a stress buster

If you are health conscious, you will go for a cold water plunge, as it reduces stress and helps you feel relaxed. Besides, it is also good for your sleep. You can certainly sleep well by spending some time in a cold water tub. You can always feel refreshed. The feel-good factor is directly associated with a cold water plunge.

These are the five most important health benefits of bathing in an ice tub. It is generally held that bathing in cold water improves the health of your skin, as it not only washes away the dirt but also kills different types of germs. No wonder cold water immersion is popular all across the world, including Australia.


It may do you good if you go for a cold bath after a sports or athletic event, as it can relax your muscle system, relieve soreness, and also reduce pain, which is natural after strenuous physical exertions. Due to this reason, the trend of taking cold water baths is growing in almost all countries, including Australia. Hydrotherapy is nothing new. For generations together, it has been continuing in the world. The primary reason for this continuance of hydrotherapy is the health benefits that the bathers have gotten over the years.

Ellen Diamond, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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