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Arts and Crafts Are Great for Relieving Stress

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In these stressful times, when people are kept at home for fear of what going out can do to them and when they are trying to avoid human contact for their own safety, stress can be a serious problem. 

There are both safe and unsafe outlets for that stress and diamond painting, wood crafting, and paint with numbers that give people a way to reduce and relieve stress safely. These crafts usually involve working in meticulous detail for hours at a time. This slow, methodical pace is very good for the overworked, overtired brain that has been constantly hurried and excited throughout the day. Slowing down and taking the time to do a relatively simple task is so relaxing that the brain can start to recover from the effects of stress and anxiety. Those neurons that have been firing on all cylinders and harried with worry and fear can get some time to relax. In fact, studies show that creativeness and arts can dramatically help in reducing stress. 

DIY crafts are a great way to relax after a long and tiring day. They don’t require much energy and they help to spur the creative side of the brain. That part of the brain might have been lying dormant for most of the day, or it may have been yearning for something to do. Crafts like jewellery making and puzzle building can exercise the creative, problem-solving side of the brain, stimulating it and creating a satisfying reaction.

In this current climate, where people are stressed by more than just their work and their family life, stress relievers are vitally important. The constant fear of catching a disease or of having a family member succumb to Covid-19 can nag on a person’s thoughts, creating underlying stress that may not be noticeable at first. However, it can have a deleterious effect over time, and stress relievers and relaxing activities are essential for dealing with it. 

There are way more creative outlets available for people these days than what was available in the past. Sites like Pinterest offer numerous puzzle ideas for people who want something different. Newer hobbies like diamond painting provide people stuck at home with something that can occupy them for hours. Even when they aren’t actively creating with their bobby, they might be thinking about what they will buy next and shopping online at sites like Diamond Painting House for more craft supplies rather than stressing out and worrying. There is something to be said for retail therapy. 

Craft hobbies also help people to focus, getting their mind off of their concerns. By paying close attention to the detailed work they are doing, they are able to focus their minds and not be so weighed down by their cares and concerns. It is easier than ever to shop from home for a wide variety of arts and crafts paraphernalia, like jewelry making kits, woodworking sets, paint with number kits, and so much more. 

It’s not just adults that benefit from the relief of pressure offered by DIY crafts. There is diamond painting for kids and a number of other arts and crafts tools designed specifically for kids. To get them off of their cell phones and other screens and engaged in a creative activity is great for their focus and development, and it helps them to see a world outside of an online one. A lot of kids are stuck at home these days and unable to interact with their friends or go outside and play very often, so having a creative outlet is very beneficial for them. 

It allows their mind to exploring in much the same way as reading a good book does. They can enter new worlds in their mind and create in physical form what is floating around in their brain. This is great for relieving their stress, and kids certainly experience stress much as adults do. The fears of their parents are spread to them, and they have their own stress to deal with from being cooped up inside and away from their friends and their normal social circles. 

A relaxing activity can really help get their mind off things and give them something peaceful and calming to think about. A lot of parents are buying their kids board games, puzzles, DIY activities and hobby items to keep them engaged and to give them something to do while they stay in a safe space at home. These retail sectors are seeing significantly increased sales all over the world because people recognize how effective these kinds of crafts and activities are for relaxing the brain, relieving pressure, and reducing stress levels. 

Children and adults alike are discovering new hobbies and renewing their interest in hobbies they used to do. They are engaging and honing their fine motor skills and finding something to do that engages their brains and helps them to think happier, more peaceful thoughts. 

Tommy Williamson did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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