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Aromatherapy: A Natural Solution for Anxiety, Pain, and More

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Aromatherapy is an old method. Some 2,500 years ago. Egyptians used them for medication and treatments for inflammation and wound treatment. Being a part of their religion, they had a lot of conviction in it. The word aroma means the scent or fragrance of some herb or flower. The word aroma means the fragrance of something like a flower.

Aromatherapy is an excellent treatment for a couple of diseases, including anxiety disorders and other diseases. This therapy has also had an astonishing and amazing positive effect on mental health. These oils are massaged and rubbed on the skin, waiting for their miraculous and astonishing effects but normally they cure the diseases of anxiety. These oils are massaged and rubbed on the skin. And then waiting for the miracle to unleash its wonders and aftermath.

Constipation issues

Using aromatherapy for constipation was scientifically tested and it proved to be effective. After two to three weeks,. There was no problem with constipation; it was even better after aromatherapy-coupled massage. No one could have anticipated how such diseases would be cured after this therapy. I think if we call it a panacea for almost every disease,. Stress is the bone of contention here because stress triggers many problems. Stress management is a major player, a disease of immense importance and impact on the life and behaviour of an individual living anywhere in the world. Stress also helps other diseases attack the human resolve and its psyche as a whole.

Treatment of other diseases

The more astonishing fact is that aromatherapy treats most diseases, including cancer. A lot of research has been conducted. Different rumours were spread that it is not a medication that may suffice to save people from the jeopardy of dangerous diseases like cancer. But then it was clear that all researchers are done with their research. Some studies indicate that there’s a benefit to using essential oils, while others show no improvement in symptoms. Olfactory and tactile sensory stimulation can reduce pain. Rosemary, eucalyptus, and lavender are herbs that help in cases of pain.

84% of adults suffer from chronic pain. It also opens doors for self-treatment. Anxiety and depression are best handled through therapy and massage.

It was also the findings of research that better treatments with lavender are usable for women. Knee pain is also a normal feature in adults. Menstrual pain, which according to 25% to 97% of women face, is unbearable and excruciating. Aromatherapy with oil massage is used for women who are in their delivery stages during childbirth. Pain can be managed through this theory. In addition to the relief in pain during delivery encountered, there is a reduction in vomiting, headaches, and hypertension. With that said, there were cases of no relief from pain during caesarean delivery. There was variation in pain reduction in the placebo group over the aromatherapy group, with a 90% reduction in pain compared to 50% in the placebo group. With the use of lavender oil, the reduction in pain is 50%.

Emotional relaxation

The way scents and fragrances are perceived in different contexts and expressions. Smell is part of the human instinct. It was engraved in the existence of human beings long ago. Human beings have a deep connection with smells; humans were born with smell as a part of their existence. Smell has its sanctity. As a matter of fact, we cannot divorce human identity and spirituality from smell but that does not mean that a person becomes dirty or slipshod. But the dirt I am talking about is the dirt or smell of nature, which can be called a natural smell. People who belong to a certain class should behave like one.

For example, if a rich man behaves in such a manner that his attire is smelly or not proper, he will not be able to coexist with normal people. Simplicity should not be confused with lethargy or narrow-mindedness. This simplicity can be attained by giving a lot of charity to poor people who cannot afford to eat, drink, or wear proper clothes, but again, that does not mean you sell everything of your use; one should retain what constitutes their use.

Countering depression and anxiety

It is a fact that stress is the cause of most chemical variations in the body. Those people who are facing issues of anxiety. People also face anxiety issues. These people also have a tendency towards depression, disrupted sleep, heart disease, and other disorders. Apart from the serious diseases. Aromatherapy can also help cure other diseases. Oils used for example, lavender and rosemary, can have astonishing results and effects on self-esteem, which can neutralise the chemical imbalance in the brain, reducing stress as a result.

Aromatherapy is used for better sleep but the problem exists with children. It is also used to calm down siblings and children. This treatment is useful and helpful for children and adults. It acts as a relaxant and is also used for nausea. Diluted oil may be used for massaging, which will relax and calm down the patient.

Usman Najam is a passionate writer with a master’s in English from the University of Management & Technology in Lahore, Pakistan. He is currently completing his MPhil in literature with a research thesis near completion. 

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