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World-Renowned ARISE Addiction Intervention Workshops Come to London for First Time

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An educational three-day intervention workshop that examines effective addiction treatment methods takes place at the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, London starting on Thursday, 27 April.

The ARISE workshops, presented by the International Conferences on Addiction and Associated Disorders (iCAAD) in association with UK Addiction Treatment (UKAT), are being taught in the UK for the first time and will provide effective intervention training using evidence-based studies and proven best practices.

The workshop is part one of the highly successful US-based ARISE programme and is open to therapists, clinicians, counsellors, administrators, experienced interventionists and people who would like to learn a new model. It also qualifies as Continued Education Credits and provides the first step to becoming a Certified ARISE Interventionist (CAI).

The training will be led by the world famous Professor of Neuropsychiatry and Family Medicine, and founder of the ARISE method, Judith Landau MD, who is based in Boulder, Colorado. She will be supported by certified ARISE interventionists and counsellors Gale Saler LCPC, CRC-MAC, CIP, CAI-II and Heather Hayes M.Ed., LPC, CIP, CAI-II, who are also based in the US.

Judith Landau MD is founder of the ARISE workshops.

Participants are welcome to take part in the intensive training as a standalone series of workshops or as the first step towards a qualification. The course provides a theoretical overview of the origins of addiction, the relationship between trauma and loss with addiction, behavioural health and mental health issues and the role of families in recovery.

Daniel Gerrard, Registered Interventionist and Founder of Addiction Helperwhich is now part of UKAT, said, “It’s incredibly important for recovery specialists to stay up to date with the latest developments. At UKAT we make sure that we are providing our patients with the best possible treatment available, so several of our therapists will be taking this course. We hold Professor Landau and her team in high regard and feel grateful that through our sponsorship we are offering their teachings to a wider pool of candidates.”

Level 1, “The First Call”, starts when a Concerned Other calls a Certified ARISE Interventionist for a free phone consultation, and is coached to set up the first meeting of the Intervention Network. ARISE records show that 56% of addicted individuals enter treatment at this level.

An introduction to three intervention models will form part of the course alongside research and outcomes by ARISE. In addition to this, the training will cover the study of neurobiology and addiction.

UKAT’s founder, Eytan Alexander and its key investor Matt Kenton will be speaking at the iCAAD conference on May 2 at 9:30 AM.

Part 1 of the ARISE Continuing Care with Intervention Education Intensive Training course runs from Thursday, 27 April to Saturday, 29 April 2017 at the Royal Garden Hotel, 2-24 Kensington High Street, Kensington, London W8 4PT. Tickets are available here

Sam Quinlan, Founder of the iCAAD conference said, “We are delighted to be working with UKAT to bring the Arise Training to London for the first time, especially at this affordable price. It shows real commitment from UKAT, ARISE and iCAAD to breaking down borders and having a global vision.”

iCAAD: The International Conferences on Addiction and Associated Disorders, in London from May 1-3 at the Royal Garden Hotel, facilitates an open dialogue on addiction and other behavioural health issues. It incorporates mental and emotional health and well-being, with over 50 presentations from 60 speakers across an incredibly diverse range of topics in the fields of addiction and mental health. The talks and workshops at iCAAD London offer over 30 hours of Continuing Professional Development hours.

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