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These Are the Most Common Cheeseboard Mistakes You’ll Make This Christmas

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Let’s be honest, one of the best parts about Christmas is the food spread, and that includes the cheese board. But no one wants a mediocre cheese board; they want luxury and indulgent cheese and accompaniments that they won’t eat any other time of year.

Now, meat and cheese experts at online delivery company, Campbells Meat have shared the common mistakes people make when building their Christmas cheese boards and the simple solutions they can make to perfect it.

1. Overcrowding the board

Mistake: Including too many varieties of cheese and accompaniments can make the board look cluttered and overwhelming.

Solution: Aim for a balanced selection of cheeses and leave enough space between them to allow the cheeses to breathe and prosper in their own flavour and taste. A well-organised board is visually appealing and makes it easier for guests to navigate. Also, consider ordering them in terms of flavour, strongest to least strongest across the board.

2. Neglecting texture variety

Mistake: Including only one type of texture in cheeses (e.g., all soft cheeses or all cheddar cheese) can make the board less interesting.

Solution: Incorporate a variety of textures, such as soft, semi-soft, hard, and crumbly cheeses. This adds depth and complexity to the overall experience.

3. Forgetting about temperature

Mistake: Serving meats and cheeses at the wrong temperature can affect their flavour and texture. It can also lead to the cheeses going bad if left out at room temperature for too long.

Solution: Take cheeses out of the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before serving to allow them to reach room temperature. This enhances their flavours and aromas. If the cheeses have been left out for too long, usually two hours or more, consider putting them back in the fridge.

4. Ignoring complementary accompaniments

Mistake: Failing to include appropriate accompaniments can leave the board feeling incomplete.

Solution: Pair cheeses with complementary items like fresh and dried fruits, nuts, honey, chutney, or artisanal crackers. These elements enhance the overall tasting experience.

5. Inappropriate cutting

Mistake: Cutting all the cheeses the same way or leaving them whole may not be user-friendly for guests.

Solution: Pre-slice or provide a variety of cheese knives and let guests know how each cheese is meant to be served.

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