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Are Clear Glasses a Good Choice to Style?

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Clear glass frames, also called transparent or crystal frames, offer versatile styling options. They’re perfect for those unsure about color choices or who prefer glasses that complement any outfit.

Clear glasses frames are suitable for both men and women, making them the popular option. They are straightforward, distinctive, and can be styled effortlessly to match your personal taste.

Styling clear glasses frames might seem challenging at first. A helpful approach is to consider the frame’s shape. Understanding the color spectrum is also beneficial, as it offers numerous options for mixing and matching to achieve the desired style. 

Some people aim to highlight their glasses, while others opt to match them with their outfit’s colour. It’s all about how someone wants to style their clear glasses and express themselves. These glasses can serve as everyday prescription or non-prescription glasses, as well as complementary accessories to one’s preferred style. This approach ensures that the glasses remain versatile and fresh, prolonging their usability over time.

Choose clear glasses according to frame shape

Finding the right shape that suits the individual’s face is crucial when styling clear frames.

To find the right frame shape, follow the general rule: select a shape opposite to your face shape. For round faces, square or rectangular frames can create a slimmer appearance.

For those with square-shaped faces, round frames can soften and balance the jawline. Diamond-shaped faces benefit from emphasizing the upper part of the glasses to highlight features like the cheekbones. Once the right frame is found for the face and clear glasses, styling them to match one’s unique style becomes easier.

Clear glasses – a perfect choice as an accessory

Clear glasses, whether prescription or non-prescription, can complement any outfit as an accessory. Even if you don’t wear them daily, they’re perfect for special occasions when you want to enhance your outfit with a unique touch.

Clear glasses frames have the advantage of complementing any outfit and appearance. How they look depends on what the wearer aims for. They’re akin to scarves, hats, or earrings: items one can select to wear for different occasions.

Those who enjoy wearing hats with their outfits can now coordinate them with clear glasses, following a trend or creating a completely new look.

Hats, whether big or small, pair perfectly with clear glass frames. They tend to highlight the glasses, offering another option to add color to your look without needing coloured frames.

Nowadays, people prefer to buy things online, glasses frames too. Buying glasses online is convenient, you just need to choose the frame you like and send your prescription, that’s it, then all you have to do is wait for the glasses send to you.

Clothing that matches clear frames

To emphasise clear frames, wear lighter colors to highlight their transparency. Light-coloured clothing makes the frames stand out, showcasing their transparency, and the frame angles become more visible when paired with lighter colours.

If you want clear frames to be the focal point of your entire outfit, opt for neutral colors or lighter shades, which suits clear frames nicely.

It’s important to note that clear frames will blend with the outfit’s color when wearing dark clothes. Clear glasses adopt the hue of the attire, mainly on the sides, offering a subtle touch of color, while the front remains transparent.

Makeup you can choose while wearing clear glasses

Makeup, particularly eye makeup, greatly enhances the style of clear glasses frames. Since the eyes are in close proximity to the frames, the makeup worn can significantly influence their appearance.

Using softer eyeshadow or eyeliner tones prevents the eyes from overshadowing the clear frames while still adding a hint of color to them.

But if opting for darker eye makeup, it’s probable that attention will shift to the eyes instead of the clear frames, potentially overshadowing their transparent appearance. This occurs because dark eyeshadow or eyeliner tends to accentuate the eyes.

Hairstyles and hair colours complement clear glasses

Hairstyle play a big role when wearing clear glasses frame. Sleek styles such as high ponytails or neat buns can highlight the face and glasses, making clear frames stand out. Meanwhile, loose, wavy hairstyles complement the effortless chic look often associated with clear glasses.

Hair color also plays a role: vibrant hues can contrast sharply with clear frames, while natural or pastel color blend well with the glasses’ simplicity. Trying out various hairstyles and hair colors can offer clear glasses a new context, either by highlighting the frames or by seamlessly integrating them into one’s look.

What kinds of outfit to wearing for clear glasses

Picking an outfit with clear frames relies on the wearer’s personality and requires matching clothing colors with their clear glasses frames. Those who prefer softer colors can match their clothing with eye makeup to maintain the crystal-clear look. 

For a vibrant look, individuals can opt for darker clothes and makeup. These colors reflect against the sides of the frames, giving them a subtle tint.

Mixing and matching outfit and makeup colors is also an option. Wear darker clothes and softer eye makeup to highlight the reflection of color on the glasses. This minimizes distractions from the clear frames and eye color. Light-colored clothing enhances the frames’ visibility, while dark eye makeup adds depth.

Trendy clear glasses for different occasions

When styling clear glasses, consider the occasion. They’re versatile and suitable for various events. Here are tips for different occasions:

  • Daily wear. Clear glasses are perfect for daily use, enhancing any outfit effortlessly. Lighter-colored clothes can make the frames stand out, emphasizing their transparency and angles.
  • Special occasions. Clear glasses can elevate your style for parties or formal gatherings. Neutral or light-coloured clothing complements the frames, making them the focal point of your look.
  • Hats and accessories. Clear glasses match well with hats like fedoras or Panama hats, enhancing your style. Hats accentuate the glasses and add colour to your outfit without needing coloured frames.
  • Makeup. Consider the effect of makeup, especially eye makeup, on clear glasses. Soft tones complement the frames without overpowering them. Darker makeup may shift focus to your eyes rather than the frames.
  • Mixing and matching. Experiment with outfit and makeup colors for unique styles. Dark clothes and softer eyeshadow emphasize color reflection on the glasses, while lighter clothes enhance frame visibility. Find your perfect combination to suit your style.

Last but not least

Clear glasses provide a versatile and stylish option, functioning both as glasses and a fashion statement. By matching the frame shape with face shape, using them as a complementary accessory, coordinating clothing to enhance or blend with their transparency, and selecting suitable makeup, clear glasses can blend effortlessly with any wardrobe. Considering hairstyles and hair color can refine the look, ensuring that clear glasses not only improve vision but also become a statement of personal style.

Samantha Green, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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