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10 Apps to Improve Your Health and Well-Being

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In the beginning, when cell phones and computers were only a means of transferring necessary data and a way of communication, we could not suspect that after 20 years of continuous progress we will be able to enjoy the maximum comfort that different applications bring us. More often than not, using just one quality application completely changes the user’s daily routine for the better. This is an indescribable benefit of living in our decade.

The progress of technology brings positive changes in our daily lives. In this period, the most comfortable living conditions are available to everyone. The pace at which mobile apps are progressing plays a huge role in improving our quality of life. Now we can find a truly professional mobile app development firm that cares about the well-being of its customers. Today’s companies not only create applications to support our physical, mental and financial resources, but also give us freedom of action when it comes to organising a smart home. 

Apps for self care that you should use on a daily basis

A huge list of digital wellness apps is waiting for users to try the best of them and choose the right ones for their lives. We have compiled a list of the most popular ones. You can make unexpected pleasant discoveries if you haven’t tried them yet. Get acquainted with lifestyle apps for android and not only, which will help to improve your life, starting from small things. 

Step tracker

This app tracks the number of steps you take, as you can understand from the name. In addition, you can track your movement on a map, for example, during a jog. This simple healthy lifestyle app can be used on a daily basis also for counting calories. 

Health sync

An application that allows you to synchronize your existing data from your accounts and apps. Using it you can easily collect statistics of any activities and parameters, such as calories spent, your weight progression, heart rate, health indicators and so on.


Trained by doctors, this app is one of the best health apps 2021 and helps you understand your health status by considering your complaints. How does it work? Simply describe your symptoms and get the most accurate guess of your existing health problem. This allows you to get a quick consultation at any time.

BetterMe: Health Coaching

Find the best workout plan for you, plan your meals, and count your calories. This is the combination of features that BetterMe: Health Coaching supports. Multiple options in just one app.

Pacer Pedometer

Like many similar applications, Pacer Pedometer helps to track the user’s activity. The difference of this wellness app is its high speed and accuracy. All functions are available to you in the simplest way possible.

Smart Life

One of the simplest and highest quality applications to help you monitor and control your devices connected to your Smart Home. The interface is designed to make it as easy as possible for the user to customize everything to their needs. Connect your existing devices and configure their control and enjoy the ease of use of the app. 

The Wellness Corner

As one of the most versatile personal health apps, The Wellness Corner includes absolutely all algorithms to track your daily activities. Track and record any data about your health and activity 

Technogym – Training Coach

By filling out the questionnaire and answering the basic questions that the app asks you, you will receive a personalized training program. The best news for novice athletes is that each workout plan is designed by professional trainers. Read the exercise instructions and watch the accompanying videos. This will help even beginners make excellent progress already at the start of their activities. 


Create an automated control of all the devices in your Smart Home. You have the ability to connect each individual device as easily as possible and manage its settings. The simplicity and functionality of the app encourages users to prefer it more and more.

Magic Home Pro

Using the app, you can control all the LED lighting in your apartment. Follow the steps to connect your lights to the app and enjoy remote control. The app will show you if your lights are on when you are not at home. This makes life much easier for those who leave their lights on all the time.

Use the best free wellness apps to make your life more comfortable

Speaking with confidence, we can say that it is quite possible to improve the quality of your life thanks to simple apps. Many of us do not even think how much easier and more interesting our daily routine has become thanks to working with smart assistants. Most users admit to having at least 5 apps that they can’t imagine their daily life without. 

We don’t recommend finding the best development company for you and using the services and apps that help you be happier. If any of the apps you use don’t make you happy; think about other options and explore new ways to enjoy your life.

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She interested in mental health and well-being.

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