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Anything Is Possible – Seen from God’s Eyes

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To compete the cruel manly world, one has to be twice as good as their strengths even though having good qualifications, talents, and experience is irrelevant in the cruel Men’s world. Never escape. Soar high. Deal with the discrimination no matter you may lose, but never break yourself. This is what is Heart Victor’s Formula to swing the elbows to soar high. Tough situations build hard people as long as you are alive, healthy and free. To taste the heights, one mostly faces temporary defeats. And ignoring these defeats, will fail you but ‘keep going attitude’ will keep you going towards success. Here are the reasons why one should never give up”.

‘Give’ and ‘up’

The word no shouldn’t exist in anyone’s vocabulary. One is more enthusiastic and strongest being even in this cruel pulling-back world on Earth. Give and up should therefore never be together. We don’t even realise that there are infinite positives inside of you. It does not even take a fraction of second to lose motivation. Be yourself and always remind yourself of what your potential can help you and others with.

You have what you need

Even if you don’t know what your goal is or why you would want to achieve it, simply keep trying and pushing. People would recognise you by getting out of your way or sometimes they will even hide.  As babies we cry and scream till we get what we want. People talk us out of our crazy ideas. These are those so-called people who say they live in the real world and where things actually make sense. Ha ha! But they have never attempted the impossible.

Wear your dreams

Always dream to keep yourself trying to fulfill your dreams. Some people may say not to bang your head against the wall. Tell that to a woodpecker.  There will be compromises, bribes, hauntings, accidents, tortures, sexual abuse and the most cruel things one may not believe. Never compromise to engage in unnatural sex acts and with pious efforts, you will be one step closer to your dreams of achieving happy success as your goal. Some people dream of wearing nothing but underpants and try to make these underpants expensive and executive. So, never bargain but wear the dreams of happiness.

Look to the horizon

Search for the tiny dot that is farther out and you can barely see it. Never stop until you reach it. Take out your machete and clear a new path out of the jungle. Ward off the monkeys of good manners and sloths of patience. Many will cling to your legs, drag you or jump on your back or plead you to stop doing what you’re doing in the name of God. But always look to the horizon. Rest assured, they’re jealous.

Stay true to yourself, and dedicate yourself to God when you can’t believe it can come true but Him. These are not clichés but real tools to consecrate for satisfied happiness.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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