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Natural Relief from Stress and Anxiety with This New Sleek Wristband

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A stylish new wristband, that offers natural relief from anxiety, launches in the US this month. doppel uses the body’s natural response to rhythm to make users feel calm and focused in even the most high stress situations. Worn on the inside of the wrist, the device works by creating silent vibrations that feel like a lub-dub of a heartbeat. 

The US population is more stressed than ever before. Since 2011 the prevalence of anxiety disorders has risen sharply with around 40m, or 1 in 5, adults diagnosed with one or battling with anxiety regularly. In a recent study, respondents cited workplace stress, family pressures, financial uncertainty and social media as primary causes. 

The doppel wristband works with the body’s natural response to rhythm. It syncs with the users resting heart-rate to send slow tempo vibrations through the wrist. Much like listening to a relaxing song, the vibrations calm and focus the user, but without the noise or distraction. Used reactively, doppel can provide anxiety relief before public speaking, while flying or to keep the user focused during a particularly busy period. Some users prefer to use it proactively and keep the vibrations on throughout the day to provide a constant sense of calm. 

Dr Fotini Markopolou, doppel co-founder and CEO says: ‘We were focused on creating technology that works to support and enhance our human nature. Free from screens, monitoring and tracking, or reward mechanisms, we designed the doppel wristband as the antithesis of attention-grabbing, addictive technologies that have negative side effects on our emotional and physiological well-being.’

Able to reduce the feeling of stress and anxiety, doppel provides fast and effective relief from the nations latest mental health concern. The new wristband can be used to provide instant relief and a sense of calm from even the most high stress situations without screens, medicines or any major disruption to you day – it’s a must-have for anyone who experiences anxiety. 

doppel is a London-based company, which was inspired by psychology and neuroscience. Through its cutting-edge research and innovative technology the doppel wristband works by creating silent vibrations on the inside of your wrist to either relieve of stress and anxiety or to make you more  alert. doppel is committed to help people naturally feel calmer and more focused within moments. 

The team behind doppel comprises Dr Fotini Markopoulou, Jack Hooper, Andreas Bilicki, and Nell Bennet. doppel launched in 2015 and is manufactured in London.  Available in black or white at $219 only from their website


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