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The Anti-Burnout Club Launches New Well-being Programme for All Round Mental Health and Well-being

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Those committed to prioritising their mental and physical well-being this year will find it much easier to stick to their New Year, New Me resolutions thanks to an exciting new well-being initiative from The Anti-Burnout Club.

The online community’s new members-only programme offers an all-round approach to promote better physical and mental health all year long with a range of exclusive courses and lessons in everything from yoga and meditation to productivity and motivation.

Split into three categories, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, and Making Time, those joining The Anti-Burnout Club can expect exclusive access to a number of incredible teachers and experts from across the wellness space. These include Andrew Johnson, a world-renowned meditation teacher with over 15 million streams and downloads to his name. A meditation veteran of 25 years, Andrew’s first series of classes will focus on teaching the art of relaxation.

Breathwork teacher, Dr Charlie Moult who also coaches Google employees, will begin teaching breathwork classes for The Anti Burnout Club in January. She promises to help members turn breath into their superpower, with a range of techniques to support mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Helping The Anti Burnout Club members to connect with themselves through yoga will be teachers, Toma and Becky, who will guide members through a series of morning and evening yoga sessions to kickstart the year, followed by longer practices and meditations. Pilates instructor, Coz, will lead mat-based pilates classes with live sessions and Q&As to perfect poses and techniques.

The Anti-Burnout Club founder, Bex Spiller from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, rounds out the stellar line up of well-being experts. A former burnt-out entrepreneur, Bex will teach productivity, motivation and focus with the aim of helping community members free up time in their day to enjoy all of the Club’s classes and resources, along with promoting better self-care and well-being overall.

She said: ‘I founded The Anti-Burnout Club because I was fed up of wearing burnout as a badge of honour. I wanted to be successful, but I didn’t really know what success meant to me. I just thought it meant working 12 hour days and not much else. Recently, I realised that success, to me, was about balance. Being able to create my dream life where I didn’t need to feel ill and tired all the time, doing the things I love to do, and having the time to do it all. That’s what I’m going to be teaching.

My lessons will be based around productivity, motivation and focus, so that members can clear time in their schedule to do the things they really want to do, not the things they feel they need to do. The launch of The Anti-Burnout Club comes at the perfect time, but it’s not just for those New Year’s resolutions. It’s about finding balance and prioritising well-being all year round, which is why we have so many incredible teachers, classes and resources ready to help as we throw open our doors!’

Both individual and corporate memberships are available. To join, visit their website.

Use the code NEWYEARHAPPYME to enjoy your first month for just £1.

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