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Anorgasmia: Explanation and Possible Treatments

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Anorgasmia is a delay or even persistent absence of orgasm after a normal arousal phase. In other words, it is produced when a person cannot reach orgasm despite being in a phase of extreme sexual arousal.

This problem tends to occur rarely, but if it persists it can generate a certain degree of discomfort in the affected person and can become a sexual dysfunction. This problem can occur in both men and women and it is known as female or male anorgasmia, depending on who is affected. 

There are both differences and similarities between female and male anorgasmia. There are also treatments that are detailed in different blogs or in different companies where people specialized in this field work. Even escorts suffer from this.

Female anorgasmia 

This occurs when women experience a continuous lack of orgasm throughout their sexual life. Moreover, it is estimated that about 10% of women suffer from this female anorgasmia. It happens mainly to younger women due to lack of experience and age. As the years go by, more knowledge about the subject is acquired and it tends to be less common, as is the case with the girls who offer their services at Skokka India.

It is usually a consequence or symptom of situations external to sex, such as psychological or physical illnesses, and after the consumption of certain medications. Similarly, it can occur due to:

  1. Poor genital stimulation. It can be improved by meeting with UK escorts.
  2. Lack of knowledge of the key points, the well-known G-spot.
  3. Self-induced anxiety.
  4. Fear of intimate relations due to embarrassment at physical exposure.
  5. Strict sexual education.
  6. Ingrained beliefs or thoughts that lead to guilt. 

It should be noted that female orgasm rarely occurs at the moment of penetration. For a woman to be satisfied, clitoral stimulation is essential. This can be done with one’s own fingers, with different sex robots or with the contact between the skin of the people performing such activity, for instance the beautiful Melbourne escorts.

Male anorgasmia 

This is the one that affects men due to recurrent difficulties in reaching orgasm. Unlike female orgasm, it is not usually related to medical illnesses or lack of sexual stimulation. Moreover, it is not so common among them, since only 5% of them have it. 

The main reason for this anorgasmia is due to the sexual education received over the years. Many of them have become aware of the different sexual practices through technosexuality, for example the ones in which escorts appear, in which they are told from true facts to very unreal or uncommon practices.

As in women, this occurs due to different causes, which most of them coincide, however, there are two more that should be considered:

  • Unsatisfactory first sexual experiences.
  • Unresolved sexual orientation conflicts – it is not very clear whether one is heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, among the many existing ways of experiencing sexuality.

Common features

In addition to the main symptom that is the basis of this sexual dysfunction, both occur at different stages of sexual life. That is to say, it can appear either at the beginning of the relationship or it can appear at certain moments of the relationship due to specific situations. 

In this sense, both are classified according to whether they are:

  • General. When it occurs regardless of the situation in which one is or the person with whom the sexual relationship is maintained.
  • Situational. When it occurs in certain and specific circumstances.

In all cases, there may be personal problems or partner problems that make this disease worse at any time. For example, the fact of having to face important changes in the relationship, such as no longer living together, or the loss of sexual attraction.


After knowing what this sexual dysfunction is, the different techniques and methods used to solve this problem will be explained:

  • Sexual orientation. It is very important to make an awareness work and to know oneself very well. To do this, it is essential to try different things, relationships with men and with women, to see which is the one you like the most and to identify the sexual orientation of each one.
  • Psychotherapy. This can be done individually or as a couple. The main objective is to explore the causes of the problem and thus eliminate the possible psychological conflicts that are part of this disease. 
  • Sexual therapy exercises. Different stimulations should be tried in order to get to know one’s own body better. There are different exercises that help to eliminate sexual prejudices that prevent the maximum enjoyment of intimate relationships.
  • Hypnosis. It may seem strange, but with hypnosis you reach a state of extreme relaxation. It is only at that moment when the unconscious causes that provoke anorgasmia are known. 
  • EMDR. Technique where negative emotional experiences can be felt again in order to overcome them so that they do not influence future sexual relations.

Tim Williamson, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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