Anne-Marie Bagnall

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Psychreg, (2017, June 23). Anne-Marie Bagnall. Psychreg on Profiles.
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Anne-Marie Bagnall is a Reader in Evidence Synthesis (Health Inequalities) in the Centre for Health Promotion Research at Leeds Beckett University. She is also an Associate Lecturer for Cochrane UK’s Learn & Teach Faculty, and a member of the What Works for Well-being Centre’s National Methods Advisory Group and Communities Evidence Programme.

Her interests lie in using innovative methods of primary and secondary research to determine what works to improve people’s health and well-being and reduce health inequalities. Coming from a health promotion perspective, the focus is on both upstream social determinants of health and well-being and downstream community engagement and empowerment. She is also committed to research into interventions to address social isolation and loneliness through the life course.

Over the last few years, Anne-Marie’s research has included an NIHR-funded systematic review of peer interventions in prison settings, a systematic scoping review and case studies to inform the NICE Community Engagement guidance update in 2016, an evidence review of interventions to prevent burnout for Public Health England, a social return on investment evaluation of a holistic well-being intervention for older people, and a systematic scoping review of proposed explanations for excess mortality for NHS Health Scotland.

She worked with Professor Jane South to produce a review of reviews to underpin the Public Health England/ NHSE 2015 report ‘Community-centred approaches to public health’ and is currently working on a systematic review of community places and spaces to boost social relations, for the What Works for Well-being Centre. She is an editorial board member for the Psychreg Journal of Psychology

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