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Dr Anna Kennedy OBE

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Dr Anna Kennedy OBE is an educator who has worked to provide an improved education and other facilities for children with autism spectrum disorders. In pursuing support for these children, she has established two schools, a college, a respite home and a website with over 85,000 international followers.

Dr Kennedy organised the Autism’s Got Talent. It was launched on 12 May 2012. In this talent show, children and adults with autism performed on the stage at London’s Mermaid Theatre. A performance from James Hobley, an autistic dancer was also included in this show who had appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. Dr Kennedy is the special education correspondent of Psychreg. 

Dr Kennedy was appointed an OBE (Royal Reward for Inspirational Mother) Award by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in 2012 for her services. Dr Kennedy is a correspondent for Psychreg – she writes all things autism. 

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