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Anna Kennedy OBE is One of 12 Recipients of the ‘Global Changemaker Award’

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Yesterday Dr Anna Kennedy OBE was chosen as one of 12 finalists across the Nations to celebrate those who have overcome a lot of hurdles which they have faced or challenges in life and they have expressed their ability to survive.

The common theme for all these women was hope, resilience, and courage.

All 12 finalists’ stories will encourage women not to lose hope, not to give up, or give up on their dreams, and more importantly, raise awareness for their cause.

This was the third year anniversary of this UK and overseas event and this year it was shared online via zoom where all the finalists shared their stories of adversity.

All of the finalists were awarded ‘The Global Changemakers Award’ for their continued work on their chosen cause by Dr Caroline Makaka, the founder of LAONI. Dr Makaka has been bringing and celebrating women together throughout the years to appreciate one another and to support each other without boundaries in business, humanitarian projects, activism, professionally and personally in all aspects of life.

Anna Kennedy shared: ‘I am honoured to receive this award and will continue to raise awareness and acceptance of autism to the best of my ability and create opportunities wherever and whenever I can.’

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