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Anna Kennedy Online Autism Charity Partners with Metropolitan Police

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Sean Kennedy is working with Chief Inspector Brown to produce a document designed for people with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to assist them should they be approached by the police who think it is appropriate to conduct a stop and search.

The document will look at making people aware about stop and search and the different steps that have to be gone through to make the search lawful; a very important part of this work will examine the best approach that should be taken by anyone who has been stopped and will include the benefits of carrying the Autism Alert Card.

DCI Dion Brown who helps lead on autism awareness for the Metropolitan Police shared: ‘The Met is delighted to be working in collaboration with Anna Kennedy’s charity to raise autism awareness within the organisation.

‘I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Anna, Sean Kennedy, and Katie Price for their contribution towards our efforts in marking World Autism Awareness Week 2021 alongside our autistic officers and staff. This event can only be beneficial to our staff and the communities we serve.’

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