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Anna Kennedy OBE Talks with Metropolitan Police on ‘All Things Autism’

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Anna Kennedy OBE and DCI Dion Brown talked ‘All Things Autism‘ at New Scotland Yard Friday last week. 
Anna Kennedy Online and the Metropolitan Police collaborated in April for World Autism Day raising autism awareness and acceptance. Both Anna and Sean Kennedy, along with two autistic officers, and DCI Brown (parent to two autistic children) spoke of their experiences. Anna shared about the work of the charity.
Katie Price also joined the event to speak about her ‘Track and Troll ‘and ‘Harvey’s Law’ campaigns.
Since then, the Met’s autism support group for their own families with autistic children and officers on the spectrum has grown to a group of 450. 
Anna Kennedy and DCI Dion Brown will continue to work together. A document is being created on ‘Stop and Search’ for autistic individuals by Sean Kennedy and barrister and DCI Brown. More news to follow soon.
London Police launched their Autism Alert Card Scheme and passport in 2019. 

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