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Annalisa Balestrieri

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Annalisa Balestrieri is a scholar and writer with a master’s degree in modern literature, complemented by a psychopedagogical specialisation, from the the  State University of Milan. With a deep-rooted passion for psychology, she has dedicated her career to bridging the gap between academic knowledge and public understanding of psychological concepts.

Annalisa actively collaborates as an author with a variety of psychology platforms, both Italian and international. Her primary aim is to make psychology accessible and relatable to a broader audience, thereby promoting a more comprehensive understanding of the subject. She believes that psychology is not just for experts but has practical applications that can benefit everyone in their daily lives.

In addition to her online contributions, Annalisa has authored several books focusing on social and relational psychology. Her works delve into various facets of human interaction and relationships, offering readers valuable insights backed by scientific research. One of her standout areas of interest is the intricate relationship between psychology and music. Through her writings, she explores how music can influence our emotions, behaviours, and even our interpersonal relationships.

Her commitment to the field and her ability to translate complex psychological theories into easily digestible content make her a respected figure in both academic and popular psychology circles.




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