Andrew Kemp

Andrew Kemp is an Associate Professor in Psychology at Swansea University, Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Sydney and editor for several leading open science journals including PLOS ONE and Frontiers in Psychology. Kemp is also a Global Burden of Disease expert, an initiative coordinated by the University of Washington, working with colleagues all around the world and contributing to several major outcomes published in the prestigious journal, The Lancet.

His high-impact research spans affective neuroscience and health psychology through to epidemiology, bridging the gap between biological mechanism and longterm public health. Kemp has developed a productive programme of research to better understand the relationship between mental and physical well-being, and is committed to improving mental health in low and middle income countries, especially Latin America.

His work makes use of a variety of techniques including EEG, ERP, ECG, fMRI and genetics, and involves studies on healthy participants and individuals with mood and anxiety disorders. Major programmes of research include 1) the neuropsychobiological correlates and impacts of treatments (e.g. antidepressants, oxytocin) on emotion processing and its regulation, 2) mechanisms underpinning the link between emotion, physical health and longevity, and 3) the prediction of treatment response in the mood and anxiety disorders

He has published research in over 100 scientific articles and book chapters, attracting over 5900 citations, an h-index of more than 40 (since 2001) and many articles in lay press.

In 2014, he became a member of the Global Young Academy, a prestigious world society of leading, young scientists, in recognition of my research achievements and commitment to community service.

He is always interested in possibilities to collaborate with other researchers and encourage potential students to contact him to discuss research opportunities. You can find him on LinkedIn and you can also follow him on Twitter @andrewhkemp

Published: 19 April 2016

Last update: 19 August 2016

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