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Ana Pinto-Coelho is an addiction counsellor who has gained her degree from the University of Oxford. She is committed to advancing her profession in Portugal.

Being the daughter of a well-known Portuguese journalist, her life has been devoted to the discipline of communication, and everything related to this. She started working very early in life while studying at the same time. She graduated with a degree Marketing and Advertising (by IADE), and have gone on to work as an events producer, then as a music band agent. Later on she has started her own PR company with two partners and has organised various events, some of which are cultural  while others are mainly for private companies. Aside from that, she is also a book editor and a researcher. Pinto-Coelho is the writer of an animation series produced for the national TV (RTP) channel which was released on 2016.

Currently, she runs a private practice in Lisbon, Portugal and her commitment is to help individuals, and their families, who are struggling with addiction. She believes that counselling is both an effective and safe means to self-understanding,  and ultimately recovery.  For this reason, she has called her clinic Safe Place.  You can follow her on Twitter @AnaPintoCoelho1

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