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America’s Dirty Sleeping Habits Revealed

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In a recent survey conducted by MattressNextDay, Americans exposed their dirty bedroom habits, shedding light on some surprising trends in hygiene practices. 

So, how hygienic is the American bedtime routine? The report below offers insightful findings about how many Americans co-sleep with their pets, brush their teeth at night, and wash their bed sheets, among other critical aspects that impact the hygiene of bedtime.

MattressNextDay CEO Martin Seely also offers expert insight on why everyone should be prioritising creating a healthier, more hygienic sleep environment.

A recent report found that animals, including dogs, carry certain intestinal parasites, fleas, and ticks that can increase human illness.

The survey found that dog owners led the way in letting them co-sleep, with three-quarters admitting to sleeping with their furry companions, closely followed by 55% of cat owners.  

Despite recommendations to wash bedsheets weekly, the survey revealed that nearly 40% of Americans opt for a less frequent schedule, with 25% washing their sheets every two weeks and 9% waiting a month between washes.  

Notably, more than half of respondents admitted to not washing before bedtime each night, highlighting the importance of maintaining regular cleaning routines to combat bacteria buildup. 

Regularly flipping or rotating a mattress can significantly extend its lifespan by preventing wear and tear on the coils and reducing lumps and bumps.

However, the survey found that 41% of Americans neglect this practice, with only 15% adhering to the recommended six-month rotation schedule.

Maintaining oral hygiene before bedtime is crucial for removing plaque and preventing tooth decay. Despite this, the survey revealed that only 65% of Americans consistently brush their teeth before sleeping, with 17% admitting to occasionally, rarely, or never doing so.

While most popular activities like watching TV and scrolling on your phone aren’t causing a mess, nearly half of Americans say they eat food in bed, with 21% saying they smoke or vape, and 11% saying they exercise.

Commenting on the findings, Martin Seeley, CEO at MattressNextDay said: “These findings have highlighted the importance of prioritising cleanliness in the bedroom to avoid the accumulation of dirt, sweat, and bacteria.

Regular washing of bedding, consistent oral hygiene practices, and proper mattress maintenance are essential for promoting a healthy sleep environment.” 

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