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Do You Always Need to Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

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While this might be a tough question for anyone seeking legal help, one thing holds true. Having experienced severe injuries after a car accident can in so many ways prompt you to seek various solutions to the various challenges you face in the aftermath. 

Many victims of car crashes are left with injuries to nurse and medical bills to pay. Some are left playing hide-and-seek with insurance companies that are supposed to cover damages such as car repair, let alone replacement. And in some cases, proving negligence or fault can take a sheer amount of time, meaning more suffering for the accident victim. 

This is not to mention that an accident can negatively affect quality of life in various ways, from causing mobility issues to time spent away from work, and even permanent disabilities, etcetera, etcetera.

With this in mind, the question of whether you need to hire an attorney after a car accident will solely be dependent on the nature of your case. Read on for a few reasons why hiring an attorney after a car accident is more beneficial than going it alone.

So why do you need an attorney

Determining liability

Getting involved in a car crash could have one or several implications. Your car might sustain significant damage from the wreck, at the very least. You could also sustain injuries, which may range from mild to severe. 

To determine who is liable for the damages or injuries caused in an accident, you need an attorney or law firm that can conduct investigations and gather concrete evidence to help establish negligence, fault, or traffic violations. 

Getting the full amount out of a car accident claim can be an overwhelming process. This is why the attorneys at Hutzler Law, who represent victims of accidents in Phoenix, AZ recommend working with an attorney you can trust to defend your rights. A decorated attorney can make things easier on your part. 

When hiring one, the rule of thumb is to consider factors like: 

  • Experience. Ensure that you have an attorney who has been in the field for years practicing personal injury law. Such attorneys will have connections to help with your specific case. Additionally, they’ll have what it takes to better protect you whenever you have other impending issues.
  • Research for local attorneys. While you might be tempted to hire an out-of-state attorney to work on your behalf, some local attorneys could be worth your every penny.
  • Go for well-referenced attorneys. Ask around for attorneys who’ve worked on behalf of your friends. Hire an attorney with some positive feedback as they’ll represent you in their best capacity.
  • Negotiate for the best fees. More often than not, established accident injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. During the consultation process, you could negotiate the final offer to get a deal that’s forgiving to your pocket.

To get a maximum settlement for your claim 

You have every right to be well represented in a car crash accident as you’ll be dealing with insurance companies. To get full compensation for your injuries or damages, it’s of the utmost importance that you hire an attorney with exemplary negotiating skills.

Notably, an insurance company is in the business of making money. Insurance company adjusters will in many cases offer a lower settlement than a victim deserves. A skilled and experienced attorney knows just how to handle such insurers. Through negotiation and legal argument, your lawyer can help arrive at a deal that helps you recover lost time, wages lost, and other damages suffered. 

Handling complex legal processes

Filing a personal injury case can oftentimes involve complex legal procedures. Given your condition after being involved in a car crash, you might not be able to personally handle such intricate matters. 

Additionally, time is of the essence as there are time limitations depending on your state. A qualified personal injury attorney will ensure that you are within your rights when filing your case. They’ll also ensure that all their paperwork is handled and that there are no mishaps.

Fighting for your medical care

An attorney will not only represent you in a court of law but they’ll help ensure that you have a team of experts working to get you back to your better self. While on the same note, you’ll have medical bills to take care of. A qualified personal injury attorney will not only help to fight for your legal rights but will help you get the medical help you need.


A personal injury attorney will provide you with an objective case assessment when provided with the full details revolving around your case. An attorney who remains objective throughout the processes will help ensure that your case is not only fairly handled but that you have the best outcome at the end of the day.

Access to case resources

While it might seem like a good idea to represent yourself after being involved in a car accident, you’ll not have the resources needed to make a case against the other party. You’ll also need an attorney who will provide you with sound advice or guidance through the process.

Personal injury attorneys will have among other things a team of specialists who’ll be willing to sacrifice their all to give you the best possible outcome in your case. While you’ll not be charged for the initial consultation, you’ll have their resources at your disposal irrespective of that fact. Not all personal injury cases will be settled on the table.

There are instances where you might be required to go to trial. You need an attorney who’ll be willing to go all the way in defending and protecting your rights. They’ll also be instrumental in helping prepare you for the tough journey as trial cases are not as easy as they might seem.

Making the final decision

The final decision in hiring a personal injury attorney solely depends on your judgement. Consider hiring an attorney with free, open communication lines– someone you’ll be comfortable working with, and an individual who has a good rapport.  

The events following a car accident can be stressful for victims. Not to mention is the fact that there’s a lot at stake if you have got no legal representation. Victims with no prior legal understanding or experience in matters of personal injury law will have a hard time representing themselves in a court of law.

You need an attorney who helps you understand the settlement process, represents you in a court of law, fights for your rights, and among other things, provides you with the necessary resources to help you emerge victorious.

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