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ALTURiX Introduces CEYESTO Melatonin Oral Solution in the UK for Diverse Indications – Including 2 World-First Approvals

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Announced today, ALTURiX – a rapidly-growing British pharmaceutical company – has launched CEYESTO 1mg/ml Melatonin Oral Solution in the UK, having been granted a broad range of licensed indications by the MHRA – of which are world-first. In addition, use across a wide range of different age groups has been granted.

The UK melatonin market is currently complicated by the number of different products, each with narrow indications and a lack of flexibility for various age groups of patients. The consequence of this is the widespread use of melatonin products outside their licensed indications, and unlicensed practices such as the crushing of tablets.

An unprecedented range of licensed indications and use across age groups will make CEYESTO Oral Solution an attractive and flexible option for policymakers and prescribers looking to simplify their use of melatonin products.

Importantly, ALTURiX have also chosen to redefine the cost to the NHS of oral liquid melatonin products by pricing CEYESTO Oral Solution at £25.65 for 150ml. At 80% less expensive than the current drug tariff pricing for other liquid melatonin preparations, this could save the NHS up to £23m each year in melatonin prescribing costs at a time when the NHS is under significant financial pressure.

Specifically, in addition to the standard short term treatment of jet lag in adults, CEYESTO Oral Solution has also been approved for use in:

  • Delayed sleep wake phase disorder (DSWPD) in children and adolescents aged 6–17 years and adults up to 25 years of age, where sleep hygiene measures have been insufficient. (A world-first indication)
  • Insomnia in children and adolescents aged 6–17 years with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), where sleep hygiene measures have been insufficient.
  • Single use for short-term sedation under medical supervision to facilitate electroencephalograms (EEGs) in children and adolescents from one to 18 years. (A world-first indication)

Although treatment can not be started in adults with DSWPD or Insomnia with ADHD, in another world-first, CEYESTO Oral Solution can continue to be used in adults where symptoms persist and if clear benefit has been shown from treatment.

Commenting on the approval, Lak Sahota, founder and director at ALTURiX said: “The melatonin market has been in need of attention for a long time with many products being used outside of their indications, mainly due to a lack of choice or because of the high cost of appropriate alternatives. Now – for the first time – we believe, we are offering a really exciting option for the NHS which can both simplify treatment guidelines for melatonin, and reduce NHS expenditure at a critical time. As part of our medicines value programme, Ceyesto Oral Solution is a product we have developed for the specific needs of the UK market, and represents the very essence of our approach at ALTURiX, which is to offer value to the NHS at fair and appropriate prices.”

Dr Hugh Selsick, consultant in sleep medicine at the Sleep Disorders Centre at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital Trust commenting on this launch said: “Sleep is essential to good physical and mental health. In children and adolescents having insomnia with ADHD and children, adolescents and young adults with DSWPD, it is also important for academic performance. So having another option for these patients has the potential to improve their lives and long-term outcomes. The addition of a cost-effective liquid melatonin will also be extremely helpful for patients who struggle with tablets and capsules, allowing for much more flexibility with dosing. It is particularly encouraging that this treatment is licensed and being made available by ALTURiX at a low cost which should also help remove the barriers to making it available for those patients who may benefit from it most.”

Founded in 2020 following the acquisition of two family-owned pharmaceutical companies, ALTURiX has a portfolio of well-known medicines which are prescribed widely by the NHS. Over the last six years the company has accelerated its growth through a programme of new product acquisitions, and subsequent market introductions.

The clear mission set out by the ALTURiX founders is to reliably provide high quality branded medicines at sensible prices, as embodied by the company’s medicines value programme.

The company fundamentally believes that improving the value a medicine brings can take many different forms. While it is tempting to immediately think of saving money, ALTURiX believe that the best value can be delivered when their products provide benefits to the patient, to the prescriber, and to the NHS.

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