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Alternative Treatments for Cancer as Part of the Integrative Treatment Scheme

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Alternative treatments for cancer in Germany include both non-traditional therapies and off-label medications use. Unlike the conventional treatment schemes, efficiency of the alternative medicine is confirmed primarily by the practical clinical experience.

The full scope of such techniques is called integrative or naturopathic medicine. It serves as the suitable addition to the conventional therapy, not denying or neglecting it. Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) provides patients with extra benefits by enhancing action of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, among others. 

Aims of the complementary and alternative medicine

Doctors consider alternative treatments for cancer in patients with diverse malignant pathologies, as such therapy targets the basic pathogenetic mechanisms underlying oncology development. CAM allows:

  • Prevent or alleviate side effects of the conventional treatment
  • Enhance effect of the conventional treatment
  • Reactivate patient’s own immunity
  • Prevent tumour spreading
  • Prevent cancer recurrence
  • Improve quality of life
  • Improve adherence to anti-stress occupations (such as yoga)
  • Improve adherence to healthier habits (such as eating habits and physical activities)

CAM attracts many patients, as it offers additional benefits, naturopathic remedies, and absence of serious side effects. However, each medical product or therapeutic technique is always connected with certain risks.

That is why CAM can be administered only by a physician with qualification in the relevant field. Few CAM techniques are discussed below.

Medical hyperthermia

Hyperthermia arises normally when the organism is subject to infection or trauma. In raised body temperature infectious agents become unable to function and proliferate.

When it comes to the oncological pathology, medical hyperthermia causes paradoxical decrease of the blood flow in tumour vessels. Under the normal circumstances high body temperature intensifies the blood flow. Nevertheless, in fast growing neoplasms blood vessels do not have enough time to form normally.

So, in body temperature above 42–43c flow of blood through them decreases significantly. Neoplasm do not receive sufficient nutrients and suffers from own metabolic products.

In clinics of Germany three types of medical hyperthermia are applied which are the total, regional, and local ones. A doctor chooses intensity of treatment and number of the required procedures.

Curcumin administration

Being the native biological pigment, curcumin is used in official and ayurvedic medicine. Few researches of its action were performed, and their results can be found in the Clinical Gastroenterology Hepatology and Molecules journals, and on the Australian Science Network website.

Curcumin affects malignant cells due to the few mechanisms of action, including:

  • Inducing apoptosis of cancer cells by stimulating oxygenation with active oxygen forms
  • Suppressing the atypical cells proliferation by inhibiting epidermal growth factor receptors
  • Blocking the transduction pathways (such as STAT3, AP-1, NF-kB) that transmit signals between atypical cells and their environment
  • Suppressing tumour angiogenesis and spreading of metastases

As for the clinical spectrum, curcumin is efficient in treatment of pancreatic cancer and multiple myeloma. As the additional advantage, it enhances influence of the chemotherapeutic agents.

Regenerative therapy with Regeneresen

Regeneresen is a mixture of animal and yeast RNA that restores normal protein biosynthesis in the human body. Basically, the genetic information regarding the protein biosynthesis is encrypted in the DNA, which is reliably hidden in the cell nucleus. The RNA is a more movable copy of the DNA chains that can travel within the cell and start the protein synthesis.

New proteins serve as the building blocks for tissues, immune system components, and basis for antibodies and hormones.

Once Regeneresen is injected in the body, the amount of RNA increases. This leads to intensification of the cellular metabolism, activation of the immune system and hormones synthesis, improvement of tissues regeneration, etc. Regeneresen has demonstrated efficacy in the treatment of breast cancer and skin neoplasms. It also should be noted that there are over 20 types of the drug and each of them contains the organ-specific RNA. The medication type is carefully chosen according to the disease and its complications.

Complementary and alternative medicine abroad with Booking Health

The most simple and convenient way of receiving treatment in Germany for the international patients is using Booking Health services. Booking Health is the certified medical tourism provider that arranges alternative treatments for cancer in Germany. Qualified employees of Booking Health will:

  • Give advice in choosing the hospital that specialises on CAM methods
  • Elaborate the preliminary medical program and explain its stages
  • Book the convenient date for appointment or hospitalisation
  • Monitor process of the chosen programme
  • Provide reasonable cost of services and exclude overpricing (saving up to 50%)
  • Double-check the final calculation
  • Keep in touch with your physician, arrange necessary follow-up procedures
  • Help with buying and forwarding of medical products
  • Take care about accommodation and plane tickets, transfer organisation, documents translation and services of the interpreter

Should you send information via the request form on the Booking Health website, and a competent professional will contact you the same day.

Helen Bradfield did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh.  She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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