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Almost a Third of UK Adults Argue Over Their Clutter, Study Finds

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Nearly a third (31%) of UK adults have revealed that clutter around the home has led to arguments within their household, in a survey conducted by antique buyers and decluttering experts, Vintage Cash Cow.

Vintage Cash Cow conducted the Big Clutter Survey to find out more about the UK’s clutter habits, and results revealed that the majority of respondents value a clutter-free home. The data found that over two-fifths (45%) stated that it’s very important for their home to be organised and clutter-free, while 42% said that some mess and clutter is fine around the home.

Despite an overwhelming majority of respondents valuing a tidy home, over two-fifths (44%) say that although their home is tidy, they are prone to hoarding and keeping items they don’t need, with 1 in 5 (18%) admitting to having a cluttered home.

Old clothes, books, toys and sentimental items were revealed as the most commonly hoarded items, with the bedroom being identified as the most cluttered area in the home.

The survey also looked at whether people regularly declutter their homes, as well as how much time people spend clearing their clutter. Over a third (32%) spend time decluttering and reorganising their home at least once a week, and nearly half (46%) spend around one to two hours decluttering their home.

The survey further revealed the issues that can stem from having a cluttered home. Over a third (35%) said that having a cluttered home negatively impacts their mental health and overall mood, while 16% admitted that they feel stressed when they see clutter around the house.

When it comes to clearing the clutter, over two-thirds (65%) donate old items to charity and friends, while over half (52%) are environmentally conscious and recycle their items. Surprisingly, only just over a third (36%) want to make money from their old items and sell them, with 35% admitting to throwing old items in landfill.

Commenting on the results, Natalie Dee, Social Media Specialist and Vintage Cash Cow’s Decluttering Expert, said: “The majority of respondents value a clutter-free home so it makes sense that living in a cluttered and messy home can have a negative impact on relationships as well as our mental health. I was, however, surprised to see that there were only a small number of people who say they want to make money from their old items, particularly as the country continues to suffer through a cost of living crisis. This might mean that many people aren’t aware of how they can make money from unwanted items – or indeed where to sell their items to make the most money.”

“There are many ways to sell your items. You could take them to a car boot sale or list them on an auction site yourself. Alternatively, you could get a free valuation and sell your old items to a website like ours meaning your items will get a forever home Another option would be to donate your items to charity shops in your local area, but remember, it’s always best to call ahead to let them know what you’ve got and when it’s best to drop it off as many shops restrict donation times as well as the type of items they will accept. You could also have a look for local clothing banks or door-to-door collection services.”

“It’s important to declutter your home regularly to prevent clutter from building up and turning into a bigger issue, but often it can be overwhelming just knowing where to start. Moreover, if you live a busy and hectic lifestyle and are often strapped for time, it’s easy to put decluttering off until it becomes overwhelming. To avoid this, it’s wise to set some time aside each week to ensure you’re keeping on top of your clutter, which will help create more space in your home and make you feel better.”

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