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Ali Raza

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Ali Raza, a passionate advocate for human rights, holds a master’s degree in social work from the University of the Punjab. He is also a dedicated writer, addressing pressing social issues and promoting mental health awareness through his insightful articles.

Working independently within his community, Ali strives to create a fairer, more equitable world, and his words are a powerful catalyst for change. Furthermore, Ali has been promoting human rights for the last five years and in 2019, he was honoured by the Punjab Government with the Youth Icon Award for his exceptional contributions in promoting interfaith harmony in his community.

In addition to his writing and activism, Ali is a skilled public speaker, often invited to universities and conferences to share his expertise on human rights and social justice. He is also the founder of a non-profit organisation aimed at providing mental health resources to marginalised communities.

Ali’s work has been featured in several international publications, further amplifying his message and impact.

Outside of his professional life, Ali is an avid reader and enjoys exploring different cultures through travel. His next big project involves collaborating with educational institutions to integrate human rights education into their curricula.



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