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10 Motivation Tips: Increase Productivity and Happiness with Alex Petraglia

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Alex Petraglia wants you to know that even high-performance achievers can struggle to find motivation. In that way, they are very much like everyone else. The only difference is that they don’t let stress and setbacks get them down. Instead, they employ these ten tips that will help you get motivated and stay productive throughout the day.

Keep a gratitude journal

You’d be surprised at how energising it is to take a few minutes to think about your blessings. Take a few minutes each evening to write about things that happened that day that had a positive impact on you.

Have healthy snacks on hand

You can’t stay motivated if you run out of steam or become irritable. If your schedule is so busy that you frequently delay lunch, keep a supply of healthy snacks on your desk. You’ll stave off hunger and be able to keep working.

Recharge with physical activity

Physically active people have better focus and productivity. That’s why Alex Petraglia dedicates at least 30 minutes each day to exercise. Even if you only have a few minutes to spare, try taking a brisk walk or doing some stretches when you feel like dozing off at your desk.

End the day with a list of goals for tomorrow

Always plan for tomorrow. Add 10 minutes to your evening routine to write out your goals for the next day. You’ll wake up with a roadmap to productivity.

Go to sleep with positive thoughts

It’s so important to take charge of your thoughts. Don’t spend the moments before you go to sleep focused on stressors, embarrassing moments, or frustrations. Instead, take that time to listen to some peaceful music, and say some positive affirmations.

Wake up early

Have you ever thought about what you could do with an extra hour? Imagine having some time to relax and check your emails over coffee? What if you could get in 20 minutes to knock out a chore that you hate doing at the end of the day? You may not benefit from an extra hour of sleep, but you could benefit from an extra hour to get a few things done.

Review your daily goals before you go

Remember that list you wrote the night before? Now you can pull it out, read it, and find your focus for the day.

Disconnect to accelerate achievement

Your phone, laptop, and internet connection are tools. They shouldn’t be leashes. Make them work for you. When they become a distraction, take control and put them away.

Pay yourself with time

What would make you a happier, more accomplished person? Is there a new skill you’d like to learn or a hobby you would love to pursue? Financial gurus say you should ‘pay yourself first’.

That means you hold back money from each pay cheque for your personal use. Don’t forget that your time is worth something as well. Make a non-negotiable gift of time to yourself so that you can do things that are important to you.

Pack your lunch

Why pack your lunch? It saves money, ensures you have healthy food, and allows you to keep working. Don’t fall into the fast-food trap.

You may feel sluggish and unmotivated, but you don’t have to. Try implementing just a few of these tips, and enjoy some fantastic results.

About Alex Petraglia

Alex Petraglia, Esq. received his BA in sociology and JD from Case Western Reserve University Law School in Cleveland, Ohio. He was a law clerk at Legal Aid Society in 2013 and spent two years at Cuyahoga County Public Defender’s Office. Petraglia also worked at Kurt Law Office prior to his current role at Deters Law.

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