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Dr Alex Chatziagorakis

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Dr Alex Chatziagorakis was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece, where he also studied medicine. After his graduation, Dr Chatziagorakis moved to the UK, where he trained in general adult psychiatry. He currently works as a consultant psychiatrist in London.

He follows a holistic and bio-psycho-social approach to the assessment and management of the people that seek his help. Dr Chatziagorakis’s practice has been informed by his 10-year clinical experience and his own research. 

A few years ago, he completed a master’s degree in health research. In his dissertation, Dr Chatziagorakis examined the evidence base for complex interventions for co-morbid (co-existing) mental health problems (such as depression and anxiety) and long-term physical health conditions (such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease). These complex interventions consisted of various elements, such as bio-psycho-social assessment, psycho-education, psychotherapy, medication, support for self-care, and relapse prevention. He found that they are effective in the treatment of both mental health difficulties and long-term physical health conditions.

He is also a travel and film enthusiast and has recently taken my first steps in screenwriting and travel writing. In 2018, his article Hiking in Amorgos was chosen by Lonely Planet to be the winning tip in the Guardian’s readers’ tips competition. Since then, he has launched his travel and well-being blog: TravelingPsychiatrist.






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