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How Many Alcoholic Drinks Do the Average Brits Drink on Holidays?

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New research carried out by the team at Private Rehab Clinic, Delamere, shows how the UK drinks harmful levels of alcohol when spending holidays in the UK or abroad. 

The team surveyed Brits to find out on average how many alcoholic drinks people consume when on holiday, and 10% drink five per day. 

According to the research, 20% of the UK drink two drinks per day while on holiday. 18% drink on average three drinks each day. An alarming number of people are drinking way above the recommended limit, with 10% drinking five drinks and 5% drinking a further eight. 

The survey looked closely at drinking behaviour among different genders and found that 5% of men drink on average eight alcoholic drinks per day, compared to 4% of women. 

Shockingly, 2% of men say they consume more than eight drinks per day while on holiday, while less than 1% of women consume these harmful measurements of alcohol

Founder and chief executive Martin Preston has shared his insight on the issue: ‘Holidays have always been seen as a free-pass to over-consume as much as possible, with the mindset that normality would resume when the holiday was over.’

‘However, this could always be easier said than done, as a recent article highlighted that all-inclusive holidays were ‘on the rise’ since the end of the pandemic – suggesting that more people than ever are keen to take advantage of the excessive amount of booze on offer.’

‘While damage to the liver and actual liver failure caused by alcohol consumption usually takes years to have an effect, these issues can happen in weeks if extreme alcohol abuse is apparent. This highlights that drinking dangerous levels of alcohol on holiday can take on a significant amount of damage in a short space of time.’

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