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AirPop Masks Certified as One of the Most Effective Face Coverings for Reducing COVID-19 Spread

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AirPop masks have passed rigorous quality testing and have been awarded the prestigious BSI Kitemark.

Award-winning mask manufacturer AirPop has been recognised as creating three of the UK’s most effective face masks in the battle against COVID-19. Following thorough testing in world-class laboratories, AirPop’s masks have been given the seal of approval by the BSI Kitemark scheme.

The coveted Kitemark ensures consumers can make purchasing decisions based on trust and quality. Its testing regime includes assessing breathability, particle filtration and quality of fitting.

The certification acknowledges AirPop has gone above and beyond to ensure its products provide appropriate levels of protection and was introduced this year in response to consumer confusion amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

AirPop, which launched its products in the UK just last month, is one of only four companies in Great Britain with Kitemark certified face coverings. All three of AirPop’s current range – AirPop kids, Pocket and Light SE passed the testing and only a total of six face coverings have been awarded the Kitemark in the UK.

Chris Hosmer, Founder of AirPop, said: ‘We are very pleased to receive the BSI Kitemark. We hope it will help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing face masks, as they can trust the quality of our products and buy with confidence.

‘We all have a vital role to play in reducing the spread of COVID-19 and the independent testing from the BSI acknowledges our team’s efforts in designing not only breathable and comfortable products but with protection for those around them.’

Face coverings differ from PPE and medical-grade face masks in that they are intended to protect those in close proximity to the wearer, not the wearer themselves.

Whilst a vast number of face coverings are already available on the market, their performance and design can differ significantly. Products certified with the BSI Kitemark will continue to be assessed on an ongoing basis to ensure standards remain high.

The Kitemark programme is based on a specification published by AFNOR, an organisation which offers certification and training to over 100 countries worldwide. As part of the testing, face coverings require at least 70% particle filtration – in tests, Airpop masks overreached this target at over 99%. Although not a standard, the BSI Kitemark was developed with the collaboration of 150 industry experts.

AirPop was born after its founder, Chris Hosmer, recognised a need to produce masks which fitted well, had the ability to filter particles effectively and were breathable and comfortable to wear.  

Started in 2015, the brand’s initial goal was to improve mask quality for those wearing face coverings to combat the detrimental effects of air pollution. In addition, the threat of dangerous pathogens – from SARS to H1N1 to the flu and now the global COVID-19 pandemic – increased the need for a barrier of defence for consumers.

AirPop harnesses filtration science and technology innovation to build high-performance products that deliver unrivalled comfort and breathability – revolutionising the mask-wearing experience for consumers.

They offer the same, highly-effective two-way barrier as the best medical and industrial-grade masks, but are specifically engineered for consumers to be comfortable all day on a variety of face shapes and sizes.

AirPop multi-use disposable masks are available at Amazon.com or the AirPop website. Their AirPop reusable masks with disposable filters are coming soon.

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