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How Air Alliance Medflight Transports Covid Patients All Over the World

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Air Alliance Medflight experiences massive demand for the safe transport of severely ill COVID-19 patients. Inside their jets is the isolation and transport system, EpiShuttle. Through both sandstorms and looming thunder, severely ill patients have been safely transported all over the world.

Since Air Alliance Medflight procured EpiShuttle, the company has completed more than 30 flights to almost 20 different countries, largely in Africa and Central Asia. Some of the flights have been completed under harsh weather conditions.

‘To meet new demands, we invested in a brand new EpiShuttle for COVID-19 patients. It is perfectly suited for longer trips. As of now, almost 20% of all our patients are infected with COVID-19, and the EpiShuttle has become an important component in our range of medical competencies,’ says Eva Kluge, Chief Commercial Officer, in Air Alliance Medflight.

Air Alliance Medflight has assisted patients worldwide since 1993. Since March, they have been to destinations with limited healthcare systems, especially after the tourist market broke down. For example, Western Africa and Central Asia have been important destinations for the company. Many of these countries have a large number of severely ill COVID-19 patients.

Air Alliance Medflight chose the EpiShuttle to give their patients the best possible care. Among other things, the comfort and reduced feeling of constriction for the patients inside the EpiShuttle was important reasons. In addition, the possibility to give the patient treatment without contaminating the environment.

‘There are big differences between different portable medical isolation units produced. The demand from our patients and the medical quality have led us to opt for the EpiShuttle. It is better than earlier models, and gives our clinicals new and decisive features,’ explains Eva Kluge, Chief Commercial Officer, in Air Alliance Medflight.

All over the world, there are strict restrictions for aviation and transport during the ongoing pandemic. The Air Alliance Medflight is considered humanitarian, and can still operate on most airports. However, overnight stays and quarantine rules have changed the workflow.

‘The restrictions have become a big challenge, and is often very time-consuming. Luckily, our crew and medical staff are well trained for different scenarios. Even in harsh weather and difficult situations, we are able to operate safely and give our patients the support and treatment they need during the flight, says Eva Kluge, Chief Commercial Officer, in Air Alliance Medflight.

In 2020, EpiGuard, the Norwegian company behind EpiShuttle, has produced more than 200 units of the isolation pod. The EpiShuttle provides a completely sealed barrier between an infectious patient and the surrounding environment, protecting both craft and professionals. At the same time, it allows patient monitoring and full intensive care treatment during transport, including emergency procedures like intubation and insertion of central venous catheters. It is cost-efficient and can be re-used for the next mission.

‘The EpiShuttle make transport safe, reduce cost and increase operational efficiency. An ambulance usually requires 2-4 hours of disinfection between every contagious transport, and with an entire aircraft like the Challenger 604, it takes almost a day. Collaborating with partners as Air Alliance gives us important insight for developing Epishuttle further,’ says Ellen Cathrine Andersen, CEO of EpiGuard.

EpiGuard is a Norwegian company established in 2015 providing better solutions for the safe transportation of contagious patients. Our team of medical experts and engineers developed the EpiShuttle based on analysis and clinical first-hand experience from previous global epidemics. Our medical background ranges from intensive care, infectious diseases, internal medicine and anesthesiology, and transport medicine. EpiShuttle improves patient safety and care, the safety for healthcare providers, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. Saving one – protecting everyone.

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