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After Work Life, the Golden Years Comes Ahead

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Discover who you are. Some are achievement-oriented, enjoying the feel of progress in their work or searching the work identity. Most of us are in the dilemma of who we are in terms of having been a really productive person. Research presents the work world, people inching towards retiring age, or late-career professionals or those who have already retired, depicting a typical pattern of psychological adjustments coasting through one’s golden years.

Blissful times

Those in their 40s or 30s feel like a boiling kettle on the burner, dedicating 40 or more hours of work every week. As they draw near to the release of the intense pressure of work, an empty calendar and a silent alarm clock in the morning is a beautiful thing – happy, right from that first free morning.

Giddy-glow wear-off times

Most of us welcome the freedom and flexibility with happy feelings, the retirees have the loose end feelings to be sorted through their thoughts and feelings by painting a blank canvas of the dark and the scary void. It is the rocky self-reflecting stage of life. Work is like a tenant to settle the life structure, Monday through Friday, to build a new life and explore new activities, relationships, and ways of thinking about oneself.

Ruffle times

Some men, being perfect homemakers, drive their wives crazy by invading the kitchen and alphabetising the spices. The central question is: Are the days filled with pleasure? Outings like cruises? Golden times of meeting friends for sharing food? And having fun? Or volunteering in activities in some organisations? Some work to enhance their relationships with the partner and get to spend quality times through the bumpy journey.

Bridging times

Grandparents who saw their grandchildren only on weekends might start caring regularly on weekdays. Dedicated energy to the parent-identity shepherding their kids for schoolwork, reviving the latent biker identity, developing self-identity of a family man, memorising the valuable skills, women mentoring at home could be a good strategy to feel less discomfort along the way.

New terrain times

Upsizing the health and eliminating the isolation and loneliness are shifts to retirement as a move from work to no-work times. Something more meaningful and deeply fundamental is the must-have aim when traversing a solitary journey. Time is more precious. Questions of legacy and purpose are becoming more prominent. These may sound more depressing, but for many, it may be motivating to explore most of the happy times. 

Engaging times

The fear is an emotional piece that catches people unaware. There are some grieving to why they are sad or depressed. So it is necessary to compound the thoughts to feel happy – free from the stress-pressure. One has time to meet new people and have fun, thus keeping one engaged.

Therefore, organising the personal touch, or a ritual expression of how much a worker is appreciated is an important and integral part. Dignity and respect show the value and feeling of positivity about going to the transition. Cherishing the identity of leaping on-off life is shifting over with times.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at  Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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