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After Covid, Storms, and Other Mayhem – It’s Time for Some First-Rate Self-Care

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We’re living through history, through the stuff that people will be talking about in a hundred years and commenting that ‘it must have been awful back then’. The important thing about that is that if you’re reading this, then you are living through history and are still a part of the ongoing journey to better times.

We’ve all taken a bit of a battering, one way or another, and some of us have fared worse than others. The problem is that not only can it seem never-ending, it also can begin to feel as if you hardly have the energy to deal with those ‘better times’ when they do finally arrive. Covid was bad enough in the beginning, with conspiracy theories claiming that it was all part of a genocidal ‘New World Order’, new mutations being announced seemingly daily, vaccine claims and counterclaims of illness and worse, cancelled everything, overflowing hospitals – not to mention a shortage of toilet rolls. The human mind is automatically resilient though and so, very gradually, we all began to get used to the whole thing. We began to relax, especially when it started to look as if things were getting back to normal.

But then came three wild storms in rapid succession, felling trees and buildings and generally causing mess, mayhem and devastation, and then to cap it all, somebody decides to start a war and hints at the unthinkable… and if you’re feeling that you’ve had just about enough, that’s actually very normal. You’re not weird. You’re not ‘soft in the head’ or ‘loosing your marbles’. You’re depleted, running on empty, and even if you don’t fully realise it you could do with a bit of help.

And that’s where my new book comes in. BWRT: Reboot your life with BrainWorking Recursive Therapy is the self-help version of a therapy model that has already helped many thousands of people all around the world. It’s outstanding at dealing with everything from mild anxiety to full blown traumatised panic, from catastrophic depression to devastating PTSD and much else besides. Of course, a book cannot provide the same level of psychological help as a professional therapist can. But this one gets close. Very close. In fact, one of the reviewers said: ‘Terence Watts is a genius – his amazing invention, BWRT, has changed the world of therapy. I am a clinical psychologist and I have practiced for over 40 years, in different countries, using different approaches to therapy. Since I added BWRT to my toolkit, I haven’t looked back. The results achieved are unbelievable and took me by surprise at the beginning.’

Many psychologists, psychiatrists, professors of psychology, psychotherapists, counsellors and other therapists of all persuasions have been saying similar since BWRT was released into the world in 2013. So, when I started writing the self-help volume, I was determined that this was not going to be some watered-down version that was big on words but small on results, neither was it going to be little better than an advert for the several thousand practitioners who have trained in the subject. I wanted to create something that would provide a means of self-help that is as close as possible to personal sessions with one of the BWRT registered practitioners – and if you follow the instructions on how to use it that’s exactly what you’ll get.

BWRT doesn’t just help you to cope with anxiety but dissolves it away – and since it’s not true that all anxiety is the same, the book even identifies exactly how to get the best result. While you’re about it, you can give your immune system a tweak too, using a ‘home version’ of a professional process known as psychoneuroimmunology that is far easier to use than you might imagine. And since stress can have a really bad effect upon physical health, just dealing with both it and the immune system in the way the book shows you can help to get you right back on top form. And stay there too with a simple daily exercise. Oh – and just for good measure you can also give your self-worth a major lift, as well!

Terence Watts is the creator of Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT).


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