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After Bronson: Fit to Be Free Documentary the Person Who Has Been in the Special Units with Bronson Tells the Inside Story

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When the prison service built the 15M pound CSU (Close Supervision Unit) in Woodhill Prison to house the most dangerous prisoners in the UK, Charles Bronson was the 7th selected for one of the 4 unique special units; Stephen Gillen was the 8th selected.

Serving a 17-year sentence as a category A prisoner, and having been in other units and solitary blocks in the most secure prisons in Britain’s high-security prison estate, Stephen Gillen saw and went through things with Charles Bronson, the UK’s most violent prisoner, that others have never heard about.

Stephen’s story was a journey of adversity, a path of purpose, and most importantly, they found a way to a treasure trove of greatness. He learned that life and time are the most precious commodities.

No matter where one comes from, what their history is, what their past may look like, or how old they are, their mission in life is to reach for the best one can be. Visitors were welcomed to their website and their world. They invited others to follow their journey of redemption.

Stephen Gillen, now reformed, is a successful businessman and media personality who, having served over 12 years in the darkest places in the UK penal system with Bronson and whose name was given to documentary makers by the Bronson family to speak in the latest tv series but kept silent, now after watching the programme last night is ready to break his silence and give his true view on what he thinks of Charlie Bronson’s bit for freedom, his time & friendship with him, the man himself and some of the unrevealed stories of darkness they shared that have not yet been revealed

But as Charles Bronson on the 6th of March has an 8th unprecedented UK public parole hearing making legal history to see if Britain’s most infamous and dangerous prisoner is fit to be released to reenter society, what is the real story of the life of Charles Bronson behind the curtain. After a channel 4 documentary shown last night covering the controversial issue that leaves a balanced view that needs more detail, what other inside knowledge can shed light on this current and important issue and the man himself?

The story of Stephen Gillen and Charles Bronson is one that is shrouded in darkness and secrecy. Serving time together in one of the UK’s most secure prisons, they witnessed and experienced things that most of us can only imagine. But Stephen’s journey did not end there.

Having gone through a period of self-reflection and redemption, he emerged from prison as a successful businessman and media personality. And now, after years of silence, he is ready to share his side of the story.

With Charles Bronson’s upcoming parole hearing, the public is eager to understand the real story behind one of Britain’s most notorious prisoners. While a recent documentary shed some light on the issue, Stephen’s inside knowledge can offer a more detailed and balanced view.

As we await the outcome of Charles Bronson’s hearing, we are reminded that every individual, no matter their past, has the ability to strive for greatness and make a positive impact on society. Stephen’s journey is a testament to this truth, and his willingness to share his experiences serves as an inspiration to us all.


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