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Symposium on Affective Technologies at City, University of London

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Affective Technologies: Governance, subject making and the globalisation of the psy-complex

A symposium funded by the British Academy, organised by the Division of Health Services Research and Management, School of Health Sciences, City, University of London

10th May 2019m 2.30–4.30pm
City, University of London
Room AG07B, College Building, St John Street, London, EC1V 4PB

At a time of increasingly globalised health interventions, how do cognitions, affects and behaviours come to be made knowable, calculable and amenable to technological interventions and quantification?

From the ‘risky borrower’ to those diagnosed with mental health conditions, affective technologies are tied to multiple forms of self- and health-making. Affective technologies assemble data to tell particular stories whose circulations blur the boundaries between global/local, public/private, and empowerment/disempowerment.

Nudging, deterring, diagnosing, affirming, tracking and surveying – This symposium is a critical engagement with the ways affective (and/or psy) technologies are produced, used, reworked, locally appropriated, or resisted, in different contexts around the world. Affective technologies emerge through entangled practices and global assemblages, and have significant implications for governance, nation-making, global coloniality, and circulations of global capital.

This symposium includes short talks from speakers from India, Chile, Hong Kong, USA, Australia, and the UK, spanning diverse affective technologies; and includes an introduction by Professor Nikolas Rose, Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, King’s College, London.

This event has been co-organised by China Mills & Eva Hilberg (City, University of London), Elise Klein (University of Melbourne) and Asha Achuthan (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai).

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The room is wheelchair accessible. If you’d like any further info on accessibility, have any requirements or any other questions then please contact China Mills at china.mills@city.ac.uk or Eva Hilberg eva.hilberg@city.ac.uk


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