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Advantages of Olight Odin S

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Odin S Torch is a compact yet strong tool designed to meet a wide range of illumination needs. Boasting a remarkable 1,500 lumens output and 250-meter beam distance, the Odin S delivers a bright spill and hotspot, ensuring stunning visibility in a range of scenarios. This light features an upgraded mounting system that provides stable and safe support. Whether you are engaging in tactical operations, everyday jobs, or outdoor adventures, the Odin S integrated mounting bracket and screw-locking rail clamp keep the torch firmly in place, even under heavy recoil and demanding situations.

The Odin S provides dual power options, giving users the flexibility to pick the power source that best matches their needs. The added 3,500mAh 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives long-lasting runtime, while the CR123A compatibility permits fast battery swaps when necessary. This versatility in power options make sure that the torch is ready to perform whenever and wherever you need it.

The Odin S provides an upgraded pressure switch design with a secure screw cap. This creative spec creates a stable and snug fit, stopping accidental activation. The screw cap mechanism also helps to save the internal components, maintaining the integrity of the force switch and providing reliable light control.

Odin S flashlight is a compact powerhouse that gathers remarkable illumination, rock-solid construction, and versatile specs to meet your diverse lighting needs. Prepare to experience the difference that the Odin S can make in your outdoor adventures, everyday life, and important operations.

Advantages of Olight Odin S

Powerful illumination

The Olight Odin S torch is a real powerhouse in the world of portable illumination, delivering a stunning level of reach and brightness. At the core of the Odin S capabilities is its remarkable 1,500 lumen output, which creates a stunningly bright hotspot and wide spill of light. This mixture of intensity and coverage makes sure that users can enjoy exceptional visibility in a range of scenarios, from dimly lit environments to wide-open areas.

The Odin S beam distance of 250 metres further improves its versatility, permitting users to clearly glow distinct areas and objects. Whether you are navigating through the darkness of a remote outdoor setting, conducting rescue and search operations, or performing delicate jobs in low-light situations,.

Versatile applications

With its compact size and strong performance, the Odin S torch is a versatile lighting tool perfect for a wide range of applications. From self-defense scenarios where its durable construction and bright beam provide added security to tactical operations where its intense illumination and customisable specs give a tactical benefit, the Odin S excels in different demanding conditions. Outdoor lovers will appreciate its reliability during hiking or camping trips, where its dependable performance makes it perfect for everyday jobs.

Rock-solid build

The Odin S torch boasts a rock-solid build that prioritises reliability and stability, even in the most demanding conditions. At the heart of its construction is an upgraded integration mounting bracket and screw-locking rail clamp, which work together to give safe support for the Odin S. This powerful mounting system makes sure that the torch remains firmly in place, even when subjected to intense activities or heavy recoil.

Dual power options

The Odin S torch provides users the ease of dual power options, ensuring that they can adapt the lighting solution to their specific requirements. Added with the Odin S is a high-capacity 3,500mAh, 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, providing high runtime for prolonged use.

This flexibility in power options gives Odin S owners the freedom to pick the most perfect power source, whether they need the extended runtime of the rechargeable battery or the ease of easily accessible CR123A cells. The dual power features of the Odin S improve its full usability and make it a reliable lighting companion.

Customisable features

The Odin S flashlight offers users the ability to customise their lighting experience through its versatile features. One of the standout customisable elements is the Strobe function, which can be activated or deactivated as needed. This customisation allows users to tailor the Odin S’s performance to specific requirements or scenarios. For example, the Strobe function can be used for signalling in emergency situations, disorienting potential threats in self-defense scenarios, or providing a tactical advantage during operations.

By providing users the power to adapt the Odin S lighting modes, this customisable specification includes an extra layer of versatility of the torch functionality. The capability to fine-tune the Odin S capabilities improves its full usefulness, making it a more valuable and adaptable tool for a wide range of applications.

Reliable performance

The Odin S torch is built to deliver reliable performance in a wide range of applications, making it a reliable companion for enthusiast, professionals, and any person in need of high-standard lighting solution. Its durable construction feature an upgraded integrated mounting bracket and screw-locking rail camp, providing better resilience and stability even in demanding conditions. Its strong build and the Odin S’s latest specs, such as the customisable strobe function and dual power options, improve its adaptability and versatility to many scenarios.

Whether you are an outdoor adventurer, tactical operator, or just a person seeking a dependable lighting tool for everyday jobs, the Odin S mixture of dependable performance and feature-rich design makes it a reliable option that you can trust to perform when it matters most.


The Odin S torch stands out as a trustworthy lighting companion due to its strong construction, latest specs, and continues performance. Designed for enthusiast, professionals, and individuals seeking a high standard lighting solution, the Odin S excels in many scenarios. Its robust build, including a screw-locking rail clamp and integrated mounting bracket, ensures reliability and stability even under challenging situations.

The flashlight’s new specs, such as dual power options and a customisable strobe function, enhance its adaptability and versatility to different environments. Whether used in outdoor adventures, tactical operations, or everyday jobs, the Odin S delivers best performance that users can trust. With its strong illumination, durable design, and customisable features, the Odin S is a reliable and versatile tool that meets the diverse lighting needs for a wide range of users, making it a valuable asset in different conditions.

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