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Advantages of Children’s Camps

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Among the multitude of children’s health and recreation institutions, there are a variety of activities: language, sports, creative, scientific, dance, and computer.  Parents can choose the institution where the benefits of a children’s camp will match the interests and abilities of their offspring.

By entering a new and unfamiliar environment, the child activates his thinking and communication skills. He or she learns to adapt to circumstances, analyze, make decisions and take responsibility for them.

Camp is a kind of prototype of the adult world, where there are rules, laws, leaders and slaves. It is extremely important for a child to prove himself in a new environment, and to learn how to properly contact and interact with his peers.

It is also important for parents to be able to relax and spend some time together during this time. This can also be attributed to the advantages of having children in special centres.

We recommend one of the best Holiday camp in Singapore. Newtonshow includes not only a fun, but also an educational program, with breaks for snacks and lunch.

Advantages for the child

A rich program of entertainment, activities, sports and educational events is prepared for the students. Here children learn new things, create relationships with friends, show their abilities (intellect, creativity, oratory, organization) and learn about their talents.

Leisure activities have many advantages:

  • Independence. Often children, especially elementary school-aged children, are too attached to their parents. Without mom and dad, it is difficult for them to organise their day, do something or have a good rest. It is at camp that children learn to make decisions on their own but under the unobtrusive guidance of a counsellor or counsellor.
  • Circle of communication. Children make new friends and actively develop their social skills. The advantage of a camp for children is that they often come back as self-confident, sociable people, able to make contact with other people and properly cooperate in a group.
  • Development and daily routine. The whole day in the institution is scheduled on the minutes: rise, physical training, eating, activities, quests, discos, and personal time. Parents do not have to worry that their child will be left to himself, that he will be bored or will do something wrong. 
  • Health. Important points: sleep and nutrition, finding a place to rest in the countryside in the bosom of nature, and daily physical activity (exercise, relay races, competitions). Most activities take place in the fresh air, which is a ‘plus’ for health.
  • Nutrition. There is no junk food, fast food, chips and coca-cola. The diet consists of cereals, soups, steamed dishes, fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Discipline. The benefit of children’s camps is to eliminate the urgent problem – lack of compliance with the regime. A strict daily routine with an early rise, a healthy and proper diet, daily physical exercise and entertainment, corresponding to hobbies, will not allow you to wean yourself from the rigours of school discipline.
  • Security. The institution is monitored by video surveillance, children are under round-the-clock security and protection of the camp staff.

The advantage of the city camp is that parents can visit the child at any time (in accordance with the camp regime), bring him clean clothes, and treat him with treats.

Recommendations for choosing a summer camp  

Each holiday spot is individual and has certain specifics, so choosing one is not an easy task that children should participate in together with their parents. Don’t force your daughter or son’s point of view! Study the orientation and program of the camp, and stipulate all the conditions of stay.

For example, in Newtonshowcamp there are many different themed programs that will appeal to any child. 

A great option is to have a friend or a group of friends over. So it will be easier for children to adapt, and there will always be someone to listen to and support them.

It is necessary to check the certificates and licenses of the chosen place of rest, and pay attention to the qualifications and training of the teaching staff of the institution.  

Many parents are afraid that away from home the baby will be hurt or taught ‘bad’. To avoid such situations, it is better to choose a place with a rich developmental program, where developed and well-behaved children usually come.  

Try to create a great vacation for your child in the camp, so he liked everything, and he wanted to spend time as often as possible.

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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