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Reports on Adult Safeguarding and Deferred Payment Agreements Published

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The report on safeguarding adults provides details of how many safeguarding concerns were raised during the year, how many safeguarding enquiries were started and how many were completed within that year under Section 42 of the Care Act 2014

Safeguarding Adults England, 2018–19 collects information from Councils with Adult Social Services Responsibilities (CASSRs) and breaks the enquiries down by the type, location and source of risk, as well as outcome.

It also provides a demographic analysis of those individuals who were the subject of a Section 42 enquiry that started within the year.

The Safeguarding Adults Collection only includes cases of suspected abuse where a local authority safeguarding service has been notified and has entered details onto their system. It does not include cases where partner agencies have dealt with the allegation and not shared the information with the local authority. It is likely that there are cases of abuse that have not been reported to local authorities.  

Further analysis of the safeguarding adults data is available at local, regional and national levels, on request.

Also published today is the Deferred Payment Agreements (DPA) Report, England 2018–19, which provides information on the number and associated value of adult social care deferred payment agreements in England for 2018–19.

A deferred payment agreement is an arrangement with the local authority that enables people to use the value of their homes to help pay for care home costs. If eligible, the local authority will help to pay a client’s care home bills on their behalf. The client can delay repaying the local authority until they choose to sell their home, or until after their death.

This is the fourth year of the DPA collection however this is the second year that all data items are mandatory.

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