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Adoption UK Responds to the Case for Change Report

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Responding to the Case for Change report published today by the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care, CEO of Adoption UK, Sue Armstrong Brown, said: ‘The social care system is crying out for change and this report is hugely welcome. It has important things to say about early, high quality, and consistent support for families and about the need for us to hold children in care closer.

‘Adoption is an afterthought, which is a mistake. Adopted children are the same kids with the same trauma as those who remain in care, and their adoptive families face daunting challenges in helping their children navigate their lives. Over 70% say it’s a constant struggle for support and 30% are in severe difficulties.

‘In order to change the system, we have to better understand it. We need to dig much deeper into why things have got to this point and why it’s proving so hard to change. These are the questions the review needs to now answer if it is to mark the start of a transformation of children’s social care. We all need to be ready to help the review team confront and address some of the toughest challenges our society faces.’

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