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Addiction Rehab Now Available Through Bupa for ‘functioning’ Addicts Across Country


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The UK’s largest addiction treatment firm UKAT has today announced its official recognition with insurance provider Bupa as the rate of ‘employed’ addicts seeking treatment rises.  

This means that for addicts across the country, there is another way to fund private residential rehabilitation treatment for all types of addictions and dependencies, including drug, alcohol, sex, internet and social media addiction. 

The collaboration is set to support ‘functioning addicts’ – those who are still in employment but who are struggling everyday with a hidden addiction.

‘It is true that a person can be an addict and still go to work everyday,’ explains Nuno Albuquerque, Group Treatment Lead at UKAT, adding that: ‘Addiction does not discriminate and can happen to anyone, from any background, at any time in their life. It can also be extremely discreet, allowing the addict to continue with their day-to-day life without anyone around them knowing of their physical and psychological problem.

‘We’ve treated employed professionals ranging from CEO’s through to teachers, doctors, mechanics and hospitality workers. Hopefully, those who are currently suffering in silence at work can now get the expert help they need.’

UKAT has, in the last few years, treated more patients than ever for addictions stemming from ‘stressful working lives’, which they say mainly include alcohol, internet and social media addiction, eating disorders, gambling, gaming and prescription drug addiction. These addiction types take up over 80% of all annual admissions, with UKAT saying that the vast majority of people treated are in employment.  

The news comes as less and less money is being spent on free drug and alcohol treatment services, widening the gap in society for those who can and can’t get the help they need.

UKAT’s recent freedom of information request revealed that councils across England have, this year, slashed budgets for substance misuse treatment services by a staggering £18 million.

Those seeking help from UKAT through their Bupa insurance plan will be treated by Dr Mateen Durrani at their Essex-based rehab, Sanctuary Lodge. All information of which can be from their website.

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