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Addicted Young Men Escape for Intensive Holistic and Physical Activity Rehab

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The rugged foothills of Chiang Mai’s commanding mountain ranges are the perfect setting for The Edge, a treatment centre for young men aged 16–30 suffering from addiction and behavioural issues. The ambience within this progressive clinic mirrors the vibrant spirit of Chiang Mai with its quirky hill tribes and laid-back vibe.

Set away from the overwhelming distractions and temptations of the modern world, with a treatment model encompassing adventurous activities and healthful living, The Edge appears more like an all-inclusive fitness and detox centre than a rehab and mental healthcare clinic.

The key difference at The Edge, is that it is the only centre dedicated to the holistic recovery of young men outside of the US, providing personalised treatment to create an individualised and balanced programme of psychological counselling, physical exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness.

All clients partake in group and one-to-one treatment sessions combined with Wilderness Therapy which involves extensive hiking and trekking excursions into the tropical jungles of Chiang Mai, as well as a choice of Muay Thai Boxing or Triathlon Training – both proven to be particularly effective in creating purpose and dedication in the lives of young men who have often lacked direction. This intensive programme combined with the centre’s remote location steers young men into recovery from addiction and redirects them into gaining a new perspective on life and enthusiasm for their future.

Wilderness Therapy has been proven to be an effective tool for developing determination, communication and teamwork. Clients will be able to change their attitudes, while experiencing the vast array of activities that the area has to offer, such as rock climbing, white water rafting, kayaking, archery, and zip lining.

The psychotherapy part of the treatment is based on The Edge’s very own Recovery Zones addiction treatment model. This merges the most effectual elements of cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and the 12 steps to treat not only addiction, but the whole person. Mindfulness and relaxation assists in healing the deep spiritual maladies associated with addiction and other behavioural health disorders. Shifting from a toxic environment, into the holistic redirects focus.

The 16 bed clinic offers a 28-day accelerated programme, 60 or 90-day recovery programme, and a tailored-duration programme depending on the specific needs of the individual.

The programme is all-inclusive of private accommodation, healthy and nutritious gourmet cuisine, individual and group addiction counselling sessions, massage, excursions and aftercare coaching, plus a three-day Family Programme for the client’s loved ones. A comprehensive relapse prevention plan is created for clients returning home.

The centre has exclusive access to a fully equipped hospital to complete detoxes and handle the more complex cases with challenging medical and psychiatric needs.

Young men suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, lack of direction, poor academic performance, ADD/ADHD, depression, troubles with law enforcement or failure at other rehabs could benefit from treatment at this clinic.

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