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Inspirational Artist Adam Lanceley Finds Peace in New Album ‘Sweeter Than Honey’

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Few have a story more inspirational than Adam Lanceley, releasing his 11th studio album – Sweeter Than Honey, on the 14th May. Genre-fluid and feel-good, the project marks an evolution in the style of the global artist. Sweeter Than Honey incorporates elements of pop, classic rock, blues and ballads for an album as optimistic as its title suggests. 

Sweeter Than Honey marks the end of a long time spent struggling and soul searching, with it, it feels like I’ve found an answer’ says the artist. 

Adam’s struggles, unfortunately, began at an early age when a debilitating accident curbed promising athletic ventures and left him at death’s door.

Refusing to let his physical condition get the best of him, he beat the odds to not only survive but climb mountains and run marathons. While the incident tragically left Adam with a series of mental health issues to work through, music provided a way out.

The curative power of his music can be heard in the lead single I’m So Glad. A slower piece, the single reflects on Adam’s life so far. Adam’s vocals are full of emotion, while a more tender piano and guitar accompaniment tie together a single reminiscent of the best of the Beach Boys.

Sweeter Than Honey follows in the success of the artist’s first ten albums. Adam’s following appearances on Sky News and racking up over 32k views on Global Talent World. His Previous album Welcome to the Next Century received airplay across the UK, US, Canada, China, Australia, New Zealand, and blogs described lead single Summer of Love as the perfect track for the current time (Know Me Better Music) and having a compelling and important message behind it (Playlist Heaven).

Ever the emotive artist Adam has dedicated this album to the same person as his previous two studio releases. With that heart at its core, Sweeter Than Honey is the perfect album for anyone looking to introduce more smiles into their life.

Built on a life full of rich experiences, it wholly encapsulates the inspirational story of Adam Lanceley, one that we would all do well to embrace. Audiences can enjoy Sweeter than Honey when it releases on 14th May.  

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